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This album is from our daily walks in virtually all weather and sometimes friends and their dogs join us too.

Summer 2014

This summer has been so hot so we have taken the dogs to the river for a swim and play at the beach in stead of walking.

stranda 1.jpg

Picture 1: Minni looking for fish and in the front it is Butters
Picture 2: My sisters boy, Teddy
Picture 3: Mom we think you can come in to the beach now

stranda 2.jpg  stranda 3.jpg  stranda 4.jpg

Picture 1: Kitty enjoy herself
Picture 2: Minni having fun
Picture 3: Flores just had a sand bath

stranda 5.jpg  stranda 6.jpg  stranda 7.jpg

Picture 1: Jippi, Flores says and jumping away
Picture 2: Minni running in the water
Picture 3: Me and Clooney

stranda 8.jpg  stranda 9.jpg  stranda 10.jpg

Picture 1: Clooney just enjoy life
Picture 2: Clooney cool himself down a bit
Picture 3: Minni just loves the water and her she swims

stranda 11.jpg  stranda 12.jpg  stranda 15.jpg

Picture 1: Morris looing out over the water
Picture 2: Butters

stranda 14.jpg  stranda 13.jpg

Summer 2013

Picture 1: From the wood where we walk
Picture 2: Flores
Picture 3: Here we walk out to the fields

IMG_6736-001.JPG  Flores 2-001.JPG  IMG_6627-001.JPG

Picture 1: Some of the gang
Picture 2: Bond
Picture 3: TomTom

IMG_7078-001.JPG  IMG_7075-001.JPG  IMG_7104-001.JPG

Picture 1: Clooney
Picture 2: Kitty
Picture 3: Minni and Flores

IMG_7264-001.JPG  IMG_7214-001.JPG  IMG_7382-001.JPG

Winter 2013
The winters is almost over and spring is here soon, we enjoying our walks and play in the last snow

Picture 1: Tom, Örjan and Flores
Picture 2: Tom and Flores

IMG_2504.JPG  IMG_2468.JPG

Picture 1: Tom
Picture 2:
Tom and Flores

IMG_2477.JPG  IMG_2480-001.JPG

Picture 1: Tom, Teddy and Flores
Picture 2: Örjan
Picture 3: Flores teasing the affens

IMG_2561-001.JPG IMG_2602-001.JPG IMG_2607-001.JPG

Picture 1: Teddy, Flores and Örjan


Fall 2012
We have walked a lot one the endless fields that are everywhere here now in the fall after the farmers have harvested their crops. The dogs just love to run here and play.

Picture 1: Örjan waiting for the others
Picture 2: Rosie and her son Tom
Picture 3: Flores and Örjan

IMG_1127-001.JPG IMG_1114-001.JPG IMG_1079-001.JPG

Picture 1: Rosie and her son Tom
Picture 2: Flores and Örjan
Picture 3: Ada and Rosie

IMG_1086-001.JPG IMG_1129-001.JPG IMG_1137-001.JPG

Picture 1: Ada and Rosie
Picture 2: Flores
Picture 3: Ada

IMG_1138-001.JPG IMG_1143-001.JPG Ada i åkeren-001.JPG

I have always taken my dogs for many walks every week, but after we moved here to Magnor we walk almost every day since we here have a absolutely amazing area were the dogs can run free the whole walk.
Here we have something called Magnor active and there are marked trails of various lengths, some of them are short and flat, with many users, while others are longer and more hilly terrain and fewer users and great for us dog people.

The first snow is here, winter 2010

Picture 1: So exciting with snow
Picture 2: Sigrid and Clooney
Picture 3: Örjan and Shakki

IMG_3365.JPG IMG_3373.JPG IMG_3381.JPG

Sometimes Eva and Geir come here and walk together with us with them are their boys,
 Athos (Imrun`s Famous Eight Athos) and the griffon boy Gizmo.

Picture 1: The beginning of the blue trail, it is 4 km in hilly terrain. We walk for about 1,5 km before we come to the blue trail so all in all we get a super walk of about 7 km
Picture 2: Geir in front calling for the dogs
Picture 3: Well, are the rest of you coming or what?

IMG_2989.JPG IMG_2994.JPG IMG_3022.JPG

Picture 1: Örjan, so happy and satisfied
Picture 2: We have such a good time
Picture 3: Clooney looking at the others while he patiently waits for the photographer

IMG_3020.JPG IMG_3005.JPG IMG_3242.JPG

Picture 1: Here you can see that it has started to get colder now and it is Geir ans some of the dogs you see.
Picture 2: Sigrid give them som dog candy
Picture 3: More dog candy, Eva and Sigrid in the back

IMG_3207.JPG IMG_3209.JPG IMG_3229.JPG

Picture 1. Pippin, Gizmo and Shakki
Picture 2. Eva give them dog candy
Picture 3: Gizmo and some of the others coming back to see if the rest of us are coming soon

IMG_3245.JPG IMG_3258.JPG IMG_3222.JPG

Shakki and Örjan having fun

IMG_2964.JPG  IMG_2971.JPG
When we walk here Sigrid and Shakki is often with us. Shakki is a little
Pembroke girl that is Örjans best
friend, they play and run constantly.

I saw a cat on the stone fence around the Church, she looked very skeptical at the dogs but it was
her lucky day, they did not see her and she was probably very happy when I and the
 dogs had passed her.