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     SUMMER 2013  e209695d051a524f20c7a44a970f3691.gif

The summer is over for this year but we live long on this fantastic summer this has been.
The dogs and I have enjoyed ourselves in the garden, on walks and in the river Glomma where we have been and swimming several times.

Picture 1:
Örjan and Alfa playing with the kids
Picture 2:
Monkey and Minni
Picture 3:
Two very good friends, Bond and TomTom

IMG_5098-001.JPG  IMG_5433-001.JPG  2 gode venner-001.JPG

Picture 1-2: Flores playing with the kids
Picture 3:
What is happening over there?

IMG_5766-001.JPG  IMG_5779-001.JPG  IMG_6954-001.JPG

                   We eat raw chicken and LOVE it
Picture 1:
Picture 2:
Picture 3: Ghiselle

IMG_6518-001.JPG  IMG_6477-001.JPG  IMG_6490-001.JPG

                         Mom has bought us a pool so we can cool us down in this heat
Picture 1:
Picture 2:
Ghiselle in the pool and the kids around it
Picture 3:

IMG_5687-002.JPG  IMG_5725-001.JPG  IMG_5861-001.JPG

Picture 1: TomTom swimming
Picture 2-3:
Picture 4:
Ghiselle swimming
Picture 5:
Flores playing with my nephew

IMG_5958-001.JPG  IMG_5969-001.JPG  IMG_6027-001.JPG

IMG_6127-001.JPG  IMG_6195-001.JPG

   WINTER 2012  glagla.gif

It is the beginning of the winter and the snow came early here.
We have some visitors Shanti the griffon belge and Baron the griffon bruxellois to puppy boys. Tom is of course very happy for now he has someone to play with all day long.
They are so cute, but some very naughty boys so  I just call them my three little trolls Sugar, Syrup and Honey.

Picture 1: Our Tom, Imrun`s Tom Bombadil and Baron having fun in the snow
Picture 2: The youngest little man, Shanti

Outside - 1.JPG Outside - 3.JPG

Picture 1-2: All three having fun

Outside - 4.JPG Outside - 7.JPG

Picture 1: Johoo
Picture 2: Tom with Baron right behind

Outside - 8.JPG Outside - 11.JPG

   SUMMER 2012  e209695d051a524f20c7a44a970f3691.gif

I have bought a new camera and have taken a lot of pictures of all the dogs here this summer.
This has been a summer of rain, almost every day, but it has held up a little in between and then we have gone out on our walks and enjoyed ourselves outside in the garden.

Picture 1: Here our little boys TomTom and Bilbo in the garden.
Picture 2: Bilbo some weeks older
Picture 3: TomTom some weeks older

IMG_8616-001.JPG IMG_8817-001.JPG IMG_8851-001.JPG

   Mum has bought new garden furniture for us

Picture 1: Alpie think that this chair it should be his...
Picture 2: ... or maybe this sofa is better...
Picture 3: ...no grandmothers lap is the best Alpie thinks and several with him

IMG_0019.JPG IMG_0026.JPG IMG_0023.JPG

Picture 1: Here we are ready for one of our daily walks and this time our aund Vibeke is with us and her dogs.
Picture 2: Teddy play with TomTom
Picture 3: TomTom thinks that Teddy should play more, come on now

IMG_0077.JPG IMG_0092.JPG IMG_0097.JPG

Picture 1-2: My, Imrun`s Margareth Thatcher visiting us together with her brother Imrun`s Famous Eight Hector. They both now live with my sister Vibeke and together with Teddy, Imrun`s Hurricane Teddy

IMG_0111.JPG IMG_0116.JPG

Bilde 1: Ada has found out that raspberry is good and here she learns Rosie how she can pick them.
Bilde 2: Ada enjoy herself in the raspberry bushes

Bringebærjentene1-001.JPG Bringebærjentene-Ada-001.JPG

   WINTER 2011 43db7c5444147442a2d4d5ae64825d12.gif

It has been a very nice winter, some very cold days but mostly temperature we can walk in and stay out and play in the garden.
Here some picture of a beautiful winter day in our garden.

Picture 1: Alfa and Örjan plays
Picture 2: In the front it is Örjan and back waiting for him is Clooney
Picture 3: Both the boys says, hey you there come on and play

HjemmeFEB2011-4.JPG HjemmeFEB2011-6.JPG HjemmeFEB2011-7.JPG

Picture 1: Finally Örjan got Margareth to come and play with him for a bit
Picture 2: Örjan having fun in all the snow
Picture 3: When I stood and took pictures, suddenly the snow from the tree falled down and under the tree was of course Örjan :)

HjemmeFEB2011-9.JPG HjemmeFEB2011-10.JPG HjemmeFEB2011-13.JPG

Picture 1: Örjan
Picture 2: Clooney also enjoy the nice weather and like the snow
Picture 3: Clooney

HjemmeFEB2011-14.JPG HjemmeFEB2011-15.JPG HjemmeFEB2011-18.JPG

    JUNE 2010 e209695d051a524f20c7a44a970f3691.gif

The weekend 18th to 20th June we had a lot of dogs and people here. I was looking after 4 of Kennel Schnaffentangens puppies, 2 miniatureschnauzers and 2 affenpinschere, and Kari was here with several of her dogs and among them 2 french bulldog puppies, and Ann Jorunn was here with her daugther Siri to pick up their new puppy Luna.
It was a lovely weekend and so much fun for all the puppies.
The French bulldog puppies and Bjarne (Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne that visited us this weekend) had their own pen since they were a bit bigger than the other puppies and pictures of them you see in Bjarne`s own page.

Picture 1: All the dogs smell the food and want to come and have a taste
Picture 2: Here we sit

Griller 3.JPG  Griller 4.JPG

Picture 3: Clooney`s son Schnaffentangens Sunshine Blue
Picture 4: One of Kari`s French bulldog puppies
Picture 5-6: Us (Me, Kari and Ann Jorunn) with Clooney and his offsprings, all 8

Clooney`s sønn 2.JPG Bulldog.JPG Clooney`s barn 3.JPG

Picture 5-6: Us (Me, Kari and Ann Jorunn) with Clooney and his offsprings, all 8
Picture 7-11: All the puppies playing together in the big pen outside, 8 affenpinscherpuppies and 2 miniatureschnauzer puppies

Clooney`s barn 5.JPG11 valper 1-1.JPG11 valper 2-1.JPG

11 valper 3-1.JPG11 valper 4-1.JPG11 valper 5-1.JPG

     MAY 2010

Picture 1: Postman is here
Picture 2-3:
Rosie and her son Bjarne
Picture 4:
Rosie, Bjarne, Star and Örjan
Picture 5:
The youngsters having fun and in the front you can see Hedvig

HjemMAI.2010-1.JPG HjemMAI.2010-3.JPG

HjemMAI.2010-4.JPG HjemMAI.2010-5.JPG HjemMAI.2010-6.JPG  

   WINTER 2010  glagla.gif  

Now we can write March and soon spring. Me and the dogs can finally walk again since it now is not so cold any more.

First 4 pictures is from Riga and Seija`s walk. Usually Rosie walks with us, but now she is at home with her puppies.
IMG_9670.JPG IMG_9660.JPG IMG_9699.JPG IMG_9705.JPG

Here from the second walk were I have the boys, Alfa and Margareth with me.
In the pictures you can see the boys Pippin and Clooney. Clooney wants Pippin to come and play with him and finally he do - jippi
IMG_9761.JPG IMG_9782.JPG IMG_9757.JPG

The end of 2009 and now the beginning of 2010 it is so cold here, it has been at the most -32°C and the weather-instetute say it will be colder - brrr
The dogs run so fast outside and do their buisness and run very fast inside again.

Here the dogs has eaten dinner and then they got Christmas dessert, Rosie (first pic) and Örjan (second pic) loved it and ate with the whole head in the bowl as you can see
  Rosie spiser riskrem.JPG  Örjan spiser riskrem.JPG

Örjan loves to play with the miniatureschnauzer puppies and after all the play it is so good to lie next to Alfa and rest for a while
  Örjan&valpen.JPG  Alfa&Örjan.JPG
New Years day   

     WINTER 2009 43db7c5444147442a2d4d5ae64825d12.gif

Picture one: Alpie, Riga and Akila having fun
Picture two: Alpie almost gone in all the snow
Picture three: Alfa

FEBRUAR2009-Alpie+Riga+Akila.gif AlpieFEBRUAR2009-1.gif FEBRUAR2009-Alfa.gif

                                                 Clooney and Alpie
FEBRUAR2009-1.gif FEBRUAR2009-Alpie+Clooney1.gif FEBRUAR2009-Alpie+Clooney2.gif

It has been a winter almost without snow untill now, now in January it snow so much so we have problems to get our cars out on the road but the dogs love it and play in it all day long.
Lukass, Riga`s brother, has been here and visited us and playd with his sister.

                           Seija                                        Clooney

HjemmeHosOss-jan09-10.gif HjemmeHosOss-jan09-5.gif HjemmeHosOss-jan09-4.gif

                                                         Jiiiiiiippi, Riga and Alpie
HjemmeHosOss-jan09-7.gif  HjemmeHosOss-jan09-6.gif

Lukass is visiting us

          Riga                       Lukass                 Riga, Lukass and Alfa

HjemmeHosOss-jan09-15.gif HjemmeHosOss-jan09-14.gif HjemmeHosOss-jan09-13.gif

 SUMMER 2008
* * * * * * * * * * * *

And then the summer is almost over for this year. We are outside and enjoy the few days we have left in August.

Picture one:
Seija and Pippin

Picture two: Fidzi, Riga and Clonney enjoy themselves in the grass.
Picture three: And here we stand and wonder if mum ever is going to let us in again?
Picture four: It is so good with a nap in the sofa after all that fresh air :)

Pippin_Seija-AUGUST2008.jpg  Clonney,Riga&Fidzi-AUGUST2008.jpg

På-trappaAUGUST2008.jpg  I-sofaenAUGUST2008.jpg
      From left: Akila, Fidzi, Pippin,
     Clooney, Margareth & Seija

We spend most of the days outside now in this good weather, me and the dogs. I try to do some garden work and the puppies run around and have fun, while the grown ups looks at them from their places in the shadow.

Clooney usually plays with the youngster, or he is very busy guard house and ground, he walks around like a little rooster who looks after his hens.

2 good friends, Riga and Seija. They hang together all the time, there one of them are the other is too.

              Seija drinking water                               Clooney
Hagebilde.gif  UteJUNI2008-6.gif

                 Seija                          both                           Riga
UteJUNI2008-4.gif UteJUNI2008-1.gif UteJUNI2008-3.gif

Suddenly we write April 2008 and the spring is here with hot and very nice weather, it is 15-19ºC at daytime and the sun shine all day.
The kids Riga and Seija loves to spend the time outside were they run around, play and dig in the garden, 2 beautiful noty girls they are who do all sorts of pranks all day.

                      Riga                      and                  Seija
Riga9uker2.gif  Seija-1-April2008.gif

Riga&Seija-2-April2008.gif Riga&Seija-3-April2008.gif My,Clooney,Riga&Seija-April2008.gif

   Winter 2008
January 2008 and the winter is here. We have been outside and shoveled snow, the dogs love to play in the snow and run around in the first snow that comes.

Picture one-two: Winter in our garden and Hector runs around and play in the snow.
Picture three: Margareth
Picture four: Alfa and Akila

Januar2008-5.gif  Januar2008-6.gif

Januar2008-3.gif  Januar2008-7.gif

From left: Margareth, Akila, Pippin, Alfa & Fidzi
                   Fra venstre; Lille My, Akila, Pippin, Alfa og Fidzi

       CHRISTMAS 2006  nisse07.gif

Christmas 2006 here in this house. The dogs also love the Christmas, here with good food and dessert. After the food and a long walk it is so good to relax and take it easy in the sofa.

Fidzi and Margareth`s first Cristmas and their first taste of Cristmas food, they liked it.
And then it is sofa-time

Fidzi`s-1jul3.jpg  Fidzi`s-1jul8.jpg

Fidzi`s-1jul4.jpg  Fidzi`s-1jul6.jpg

We try to walk the dogs every day if the weather allows it.
With very good help from my mother and  my sister Vibeke.
Here we got 9 dogs with us, 3 affenpinschere, 3 miniaturedachshounds and 3 miniatureschnauzere.

utpåtur1.jpg  utpåtur2.jpg

utpåtur3.jpg  utpåtur4.jpg

We have visit of little Luna, a yorkshireterrer puppy, who is 3 months old. All the dogs here loved her and specially Margareth.
This weekend it was a big show in our town Kongsvinger arranged by the Norwegian Kennel Club.
Roar lived here together with 3 of his affenpinschere. Ann-Mari and her affenpinscher, Lucy, was also visiting us.
So for a little time it was 7 affenpinschere, 2 miniatureschnauzere and 1 yorkshireterrier playing in the garden here.

It went in full speed the whole time and Margareth she was totally sold, so fascinated by this little cute terrier :)

terrier1.jpg terrier5.jpg terrier6.jpg

Last weekend both Theodore and Mao spend with us together. Now Theodore lives in Latvia and Mao on a island, Soroya, right outside of the town Hammerfest in north.

3valper.jpg alle5.jpg My+Theo3.jpg

Picture one: Here is 3 very lazy ladies (Hedvig, Alfa and Akila), wondering if they`ll bodder to go down and out in to the garden. they decided at last that the sofa was best and went inside again.
Picture two: Emmie and Akila 
Picture three: My poor little man, Pippin, starts to get really tired of us who runs after hime the whole time and try to get his picture. But who can blame us when you see this beatiful man so nice so you can eat him :)

påtrappa.jpg akila&irmelin.jpg pippingemmerseg.jpg