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Pictures from show


A wonderful day with a lot of good friends.

We want to congratulate all the winners and hope to see you all next year too.

Pictures from the Open class- males

Picture 1: Three boys in open class

Picture 2-3: Jessica and Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne

DPP_0078.JPG IMG_1857.JPG DPP_0104.JPG

Picture 1: 4 boys in Champion class

Picture 2: Grete and Konichiki Blackberry Way in Veteran Class

DPP_0100.JPG DPP_0102.JPG

Picture 1: BOB Velvet Dandy`s Dartanjang and BOS Schnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta

Picture 2: Kennel Schnaffentangen BIS2-breeder

534702_4917537618713_2095886069_n.jpg 20121124_172048[1].jpg

The lunch-table


Show in Vaaler 24-25th July 2010

2 days with show and we had entered Rosie, Bjarne and Örjan. Training for the boys and hoping to get a new Champion for our beautiful little Rosie, Capricho Ille Anclentanne

Our grandchild Kariva`s Ida Caroline
Caroline got BOB-puppy and 3BIG-puppy

DSC_5921[1].jpg DSC_6142[1].jpg

Rosie, Capricho Ille Anclentanne became BOB both days and
on Saturday she also got the Norwegian Champion title

IMG_1684.JPG IMG_2027.JPG

Me and Örjan, Laroussu`s Banana Blues, in the ring,
and the rest of the gang in the pen

IMG_1647.JPG IMG_1689.JPG IMG_2001.JPG

Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne and Tor in the ring
Bjarne became BOB-puppy the second day

IMG_2006.JPG IMG_2010.JPG

16th AUGUST 2009

This year we decided to go to the Pinscher Club Show and entered our Rosie, Capricho Ille Anclentanne, and Ronja, Imrun`s Little Princess Sol, that we "borrowed" from her owner Anne-Lise.
Rosie got the BIG Certificate and became BOS and Ronja became BOB-puppy and 2BIS-puppy.

Picture one: from the place we had our tent, Kari and the dogs
Picture two: Will, Ada and Clooney are looking after Kari

NPK-plassen.jpg  NPK-Will,Ada&Clooney.jpg

Picture one: Competing for Best Male
Picture two: Competing for Best Female

NPK-BesteHannhundKlasse.jpg  NPK-BesteTispeKlasse.jpg

Picture one: Imrun`s Little Princess Sol - BOB-puppy and 2BIS-puppy
Picture two: BOB Oceanwild To Fast For You & BOS Capricho Ille Anclentanne

NPK-Ronja5.jpg  NPK-BOB&BOS.jpg

IN TRONDHEIM 28.06.2009

Here we had entered both affenpinschere and our miniatureschnauzer Riga. And I had also entered in breeders class and progeny class with Pippin, Jarube Sir Perceval, since several of his kids came to this show.
We got fantastic good results and are very satisfied.
Our champion males all got CQ and was placed as 1, 2 and 3. Pippin became BOB.
The girls all got their red ribbons too.
In progeny class I got 1-1, HP and also became 2BIG.
In breeders class we got 1-1, HP.
Our miniatureschnauzer Riga, Imrun`s Maza Neibade, got 1-2, HP.
We are very satisfied after this fantastic weekend spent with good friends and all the dogs

Picture one: Junior class - males and here Marit and Rico

Picture two: Champion class - males and here Ellinor and Pippin, Boris on the table and you can see Timo in the left corner

Trondheim2009-RicoIringen1.jpg  Trondheim2009-ChampionklasseHANNER.jpg

                                     Riga in the ring with Ellinor

Trondheim2009-Riga1.jpg  Trondheim2009-Riga2.jpg

Picture one: Pippin in the group
Picture two: Pippin in progeny class with his children

Trondheim2009-PippinIgruppa.jpg  Trondheim2009-InnGruppa2.jpg


Here I had with me four dogs, three juniors and one champion; Juniors was Neibade`s April Alp, Imrun`s Suloinen Seija Korialta and Imrun`s Maza Neibade.
Champion was Darkle Dishily Dishevelled.
We got three HP (Prize of Hounor) and one CQ.
Thank you Arne Odegaard, Kennel Noxeema, for helping me out with my miniatureschnauzer girl Riga, first by grooming her and then showed her perfectly in the ring.


Our prizes this weekend

Schnaffentangens Rossa Lita
Schnaffentangens Sami Tapinpoika

             Our Riga, Imrun`s Maza Neibade in the ring with Arne.
Riga-i-ringen.jpg RigaPÅbordet1.jpg RigaPÅbordet2.jpg

AT HELLERUDSLETTA 31.01-01.02.2009

This was Neibade`s April Alp`s weekend, Alpie was the only dog I entered so we really could enjoy ourselves, me, Alpie and Clooney, Darkle Dishily Dishevelled, who came along for the company.
Photografer this weekend was me and Linn Benenguer.

                 PUPPIES                                    Alpie and Clooney are relaxing
     BOS Airscot Good Will                          in the pen and looking around
    BOB Gustoff`s Anastasia                           on all the people and dogs    
  BIM-valpene.jpg  I-grinda-2.gif

Alpie did so well this weekend, he got HP (prize of Hounor) on Saturday and he
got his second certificate (CC) on Sunday.

Alpies2CERT-2.jpg Alpies2CERT-1.jpg 

                                      Konishiki Blackberry Way




This is the last time this show is held here, next year it is at Lillestrom.
5448 dogs was entered here this year and 26 affenpinscher a new Norwegian reccord.

We went up early in the morning/night, 0345, and packed everything and drove from home 0600 so we could be at Hamar 0745.

It had snowed a bit here during the night and it was beatuiful and white.

We had a very busy day with  8 of our dogs entered so we forgot to take so many pictures as we usually do. We had very good help from all our friends, Anthony Oakden and Jessica Grüninger groomed all the affenpinschers before entering the ring, Camilla Stridsberg, Jessica Grüninger and Ilona Ose helped us with the handling of our dogs.
Photografers for the day was Anthony Oakden and Alfred Hove.

Picture one: Champion class males
Picture two:
Junior class females
Picture three:
Darkle Dishily Dishevelled BOS & Oceanwild Black Widow BOB


Our Miniatureschnauzer black/silver Imrun`s Maza Neibade had her debute in junior class and the handler was Ilona Ose, Kennel Neibade, the breeder and former owner of Maza Neibade`s mother, Neibade`s Fidzi Fidzi.
Riga as we call her did very well, she got a third place and HP (7 junior females all in all), we were very satisfied for our litle minis debute.

                                                Ilona & Riga is the one in the middle

Riga-i-ringen kopi.jpg  Riga3plass.jpg

Picture one: Darkle Dishily Dishevelled - NORWEGIAN WINNER 2008
Picture two:
Schnaffentangens Neibade - 1 Best Female in Champion

 ClooneyNV-08.gif  Bade-CACIB2.jpg

25-26 OCTOBER 2008

This month, October 2008, has really been Clooney`s, Darkle Dishily Dishevelled, month. Clooney had his debute 5 October and now today 3 weeks, 2 more certificates and 2 shows later he is a Norwegain Champion.

                                   Clooney, Alpie & Seija                   Neibade`s April Alp, Alpie on the table
DAG1-i-grinda.jpg        Alp-på-bordet(dag1).jpg

Clooney the first day.  A handsome man and the judge thought so too
and made him BOB

ClooneyDAG1-2.jpg ClooneyDAG1-3.jpg ClooneyBIR-dag1.jpg

                                   Imrun`s Suloinen Seija Korialta in the ring the first day
SeijaDAG1-2.jpg SeijaDAG1-1.jpg

                           Clooney the second day, he became a Norwegian Champion and BOB
ClooneyPåBordet-DAG2.jpg  Clooney-NUCH.jpg


Photographer this day was my sister Vibeke Akselsen.

Both Clooney, Darkle Dishily Dishevelled and Seija, Imrun`s Suloinen Seija Korialta had their debute here. Clooney`s debute in Norway and Seija`s debute as a junior.

Clooney did so well in the ring and ended up with big certificate, Kennel Club certificate.
Clooney in the ring :)

Kongsviner2008-3.jpg  Kongsvinger2008-4.jpg

Picture one: Here Pippin in the ring with his handler Ellinor.
Picture two: Pippin did good in the group too, he was picked out from about 30 other breeds.
Picture three: BOB & BOS Jarube Sir Perceval who became BOB got to compete against his grand-daughter Imrun`s Suloinen Seija Korialta, Seija our junior also got the big Kennel Club certificate today.



2 shows to remember for such good company, many fantastic good affenpinschers and absolutly fabulous result.

     Almare Stäket, Circiut

                      And so we were here,                               

                                   nervous and anxious                           Kari and Timo before entering the ring                                    
CIRCUIT-PåPlass.jpg   CIRKUIT-Kari&Timo.jpg

                                            Boris in the Champion class     

                                 Breeders class, we got 2BIS                            Me and Clooney
2BIS-oppdrett.JPG  Circuit-Clooney&meg2.jpg
                          From left; me & Athos, Bengt-Jörgen
                        & Hera, Camilla & Jenny and Kari & Boris


 BOB-Junior and            
     WJW-08                                                             WJW-08
Airescot Peer Gynt         Junior class females          Seibrin Kokako

WW-PeerGynt.jpg WW2008-juniorklasseTISPE.jpg WW2008-SeibrinKokako.jpg

                                               Pippin, Jarube Sir Perceval in Champion class
Boris in open class      Pippin won the class and got the RES.CACIB
WW2008-BorisÅPENKLASSE.jpg    WW2008-PippinCHAMPIONKLASSEN.jpg WW2008-Pippin1CH.jpg

                          1 place breeders class Kennel Imrun
 From left; Kari & Boris, Camilla & Jenny, Bengt-Jörgen & Hera and me and Athos

       BOB and WW-08                        WW-08
     Winterkloud Frejya             Imrun`s Boris Jeltsin

WW2008-BIR.jpg  Ww2008-BorisCERTET.jpg

At the end of the day we went to take Boris`photo and stood in queue
for almost 2 hours -->
see the photo


SHOW IN NES 21-22 JUNE 2008

A fantastic show weekend in Nes with good weather, very good company and fabulous good result.
The dogs like to be in the pen and look at it all, bark a bit and just relax.

teltet.jpg  I-grinda.jpg

Picture one: On Saturday Imrun`s Famous Eight Hector was the first in the ring, and he did very well and became BOS
Hector & Vibeke
Picture two: Imrun`s Margareth Thatcher entered in open class and she got it all and became a new Norwegian Champion and BOB
Picture three: Hector`s first certificate

Hector&Vibeke-i-ringen.jpg My&meg-i-ringen.jpg BIM&CERT-Hector.jpg

  BOB Imrun`s Margareth Thatcher &
  BOS Imrun`s Famous Eight Hector
          The proud winners :)
BIR&BIM.jpg  BIR&BIM-i-buret.jpg

  We had entered 3 puppies to the show too

  Imrun`s Vahva Alpo Korialta and the sister
                                                                  Suloinen Seija Korialta
       Rune & Alpo               Me & Seija            became BOB & BOS

Alpo&Rune-i-ringen2.jpg  Seija&meg-i-ringen.jpg BIR&BIM-valp.jpg

The biggest joyful surprice our youngest competitor gave us, our miniatureschnauzer Riga, Imrun`s Maza Neibade, only 4 months old. Riga had her debute in the show ring and she won her class 4-6 months and she even won over the winner in class 6-9 month and our little Riga became BOB :)

                                      Riga & me


Imrun`s Famous Eight Athos in the ring
We also had the plesure to see Ingeborgs little Griffon Belge girl Andie Diora in the ring. Andie got BOB-puppy

              Athos in the ring                     Ingeborg and Andie

Athos-2.jpg  Andie-1.jpg

Imrun`s Suloinen Seija Korialta had her debute this weekend in the puppy ring
and she did very well and got BOB-puppy

seijaBIR-3.gif  seijaBIR-2.gif

The first day both Clooney and little Riga came with us to the show for company and training.
The second day only Clooney came.

Våler-2.gif  VålerDAG2.gif


    Athos the affenpinscher in the ring
Stange-Athos-i-ringen1.jpg  Stange-Athos-i-ringen2.jpg Stange-Athos1.jpg

Picture one: Griffon Belge father and son`s. From left to right;
Father Choyer Kiwi In Black, son Sigriff`s Prins In Black and son Berhon`s Coffie In Black
Picture two: Griffon Brabancon boy, Billdalens`s Klein

Stange-Archie&sønnene.jpg  T-Brabancon1.jpg

Picture one:
Ingeborg in the ring with her girl Andie Diora
Picture two:
Berhon`s Coffie In Black BOB & Andie Diora BOS

Stange-tispa2.jpg  Stange-BIR&BIM1.jpg

I spent the day at Stange together with Ingeborg and her husband.
I was here to see Athos debute in the junior ring and to meet Imrun`s Ystäväni Niilo Korialta who came for some grooming help.
Ingeborg and her husband have many griffon`s and I and Clooney spent the day looking at these beautiful dogs :)


     Lithuanian Winner Show 15th Mars

       In the morning before the
             judgement starts                  
Pippin & Ellinor in the ring
FørDetBegynner.jpg  Pippin-i-ringen-dag1.jpg

                     Champion class females                     Ellinor and Thea
ChampionklasseTisper-dag1.jpg  TheaBIR.jpg

Picture one: Ellinor and Thea in the group
Picture two: Here I think Ellinor starts to understand that she has walked two dogs to International Champions,
Lithuanian Champions and Lithuanian Winner 2008

Picture three: And the BOB-winner she thinks that now she has deserved a good rest in the sofa

Thea-i-gruppa-dag1.jpg DSCF1162.jpg Thea1.gif

     Vilnius Cup Show 16th Mars

Picture one: Before the show day starts the second day I took a picture of all the prizes for the group show
later this day

Picture two:
Pippin & Ellinor in the ring the second day

Gruppepremier.jpg  Pippin-i-ringen-dag2.jpg

         Champion class females                Thea BOB today too
ChampionklasseTisperDag1.jpg  Thea-dag2.gif

We spent the show days together with my good friend Sirpa from Finland and her two friends Ari and Maija. Thank you for such good company and I hope we meet again.
                                                      Both me and Ellinor falled in love with Ari`s
                 Ari, Sirpa & Maija                
beautiful English Buldog Brando
Ari-Sirpa-Maija.gif       Ari&Brando.jpg

After two fantastic show days we had the pleasure to see that one of our new friends from Finland did  very good in the group.
One of our favorites the English Buldog Brando became number 2 in the group.
Another favorite won the group an Black Russian Terrier

BIG2.jpg  BIG1&2.jpg


Pictures from inside Cruft
I took a lot of pictures of all the dogs in the different classes, but so few of them can be used, it was so difficult light in the hall and that influenced much on the pictures. The pictures used here are not good but the best I had from the day.

Picture one: Here you can see the places every dog gets to have his/hers cage and stay for the whole day. You are not allowed to go home before after 1600 with your dogs.
It was 3 of this long rows for our breed affenpinscher and 80 affenpinschere was entered this day.
Picture two:
This is CH Darkle Devil May Care a really handsome man, Mole is his nick name, and Mole he entered in the veteran class.

Cruft2008.jpg  DarkleDevilMayCare.gif

Picture one:
In Open Class it was 16 entries and the winner here is also 1 Best Dog
Picture two:
Limit Class with 9 entries

ÅpenKlasse1.jpg  ÅpenKlasse3.jpg

                     BOB CH Downsbank Tattie Bogle With Marchog

International and Norwegian Winner show
 in Hamar
25th November 2007

          The viking ship were the show is held, outside and inside.
vikingskipet4.jpg HALLEN-1.jpg HALLEN-2.jpg

   In the ring
Picture one: Here Imrun`s Boris Jeltsin & Kari
Picture two: Here we are before the judge has decided who win. Me (Jarube Sir Perceval) and my handler Ellinor is number 3 from left. My son (Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt) and his owner Ilona is number 2 from left.
Picture three:
Here the judge has decided who wins. My son Teo won, I myself got a fine  3rd place and also a 3rd place at the end.

Boris&Kari.jpg Championklassen-3.jpg Championklassen-1.jpg

   BOB and BOS
Picture one:
Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt - BOB & Schnaffentangens Neibade - BOS
Picture two: Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt - NV-07
Picture three:
Schnaffentangens Neibade - NV-07

BIR&BIM-NV-07.jpg TeoNV-07.jpg BadeNV-07.JPG

     Schnauzer-Pinscher show in Boraas, Sweden 30 June 2007

                                     Picture over the show area
Utstillingsplassen1.jpg  Utstillingsplassen2.jpg

    BOS Yarrow`s Jungle Jim
      BOB Common Blomma
              2BIS - Common Blomma
BIR-og-BIM-spesialen.jpg  2BIS-1.jpg

3BIS PUPPY - Winterkloud Frejya    2BIS JUNIOR - Neele Vom Wilden Wuff

4 BIS VET Schnaffentangens
     Sami Tapinpoika                      
Child and dog

4BIS-1.jpg  barn-og-hund5.jpg