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From Russia and Kennel  Grant Britt we got som very good news. Our grandchild Neibade`s Georgette has now gained the title CIB. Georgette is the daughter to Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt after our Jarube Sir Perceval and Schnaffentangens Top Alfa


From Czech Republic and Kennel Mardiffen we got some pictures of Clooney`s (Darkle Dishily Dishevelled) son Valiente (Neibade`s Vernum Valiente). He looks stunning :)

   DSCF2770[1].JPG  DSCF2771[1].JPG  DSCF2785[1].JPG

Sirpa, Kennel Bebop`s and her Seibrin Kokako became 2BIG at a show in Lithuania in   October 2009 RisseBIG2.JPG


1st March 2009 this 5 beautiful affenpinscher puppies were born.
Mother is Shcnaffentangens Neibade and father is our Darkle Dishily Dishevelled, Clooney.
4 girls and 1 boy it is.

Our friend Sirpa, Kennel Bebop`s, from Finland has been in Budapest,
Eurodogshow 2008 was here.
Sirpa won with her junior bitch Seibrin Kokako and gained the title JEUW-08.
First picture is Seibrin Kokako and Neibade`s Grifild together and second picture is of Neibade`s Grifild, Rasse is our grandson.

         Sirpan tuplakarvat.jpg       Sirpa ja turjake 2-1.jpg

New pictures of one of Alfa and Pippin`s grandshildren. Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt`s daugther Neibade`s Georgette, Sunika, who lives in Russia.
Thank you Vera for the pictures of beautiful Sunika.

  Georgette5.jpg   Georgette2.jpg

Here we have got some picture of the beautiful male Seibrin Kojako, Kojo.
Kojo is now 1 year old.

 IMGP1901.jpg  IMGP1894.jpg

We got some picture from England of Clooney`s , Darkle Dishily Dishevelled, 3 beautiful shildren, born 6th March 2008, and his handsome dad Hamish.

           Hamish, Downsbank Tattiebogle With Marchog

 Hamish2.jpg  Hamish1.jpg

        Clooney`s daughter Myrtle
 Clooney`-datter1.jpg  Clooney`s-datter2.jpg

                    Son number 1                          Son number 2
 Clooney`s-sønn1.jpg  Clooney`s-sønn2.jpg

From Finland and Sirpa in Kennel Bebop`s we got pictures of Alfa and
Pippin`s grandchild who is 9 months old.
Here with his first Certificate and his prizes for the day, and he also became BOB.
Neibade`s Grifild, Rasse, is the handsome boys name. Rasse looks just like his dad Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt and grandfather Jarube Sir Perceval.

 neibadesgrifild1 kopiointi.jpg   neibadesgrifild3 kopiointi.jpg

3 months old Nora, Oceanwild Black Pearl, also Alfa and Pippin`s grandchild,
Boris`s daughter.
Here Nora is with her friend Uno.
Nora is owned by the Family Klausen in Bergen.

This picture is sent to me by Tone Olsen. The affenpinscher Asterix is Tone`s
little boy.
the picture behind Asterix is painted by Tone.


Some pictures I took of little Vicky. Vicky is a Griffon Brabancon lady and she is 9 years old.
Owner of this beauty is Ingeborg Stakseng.

  Vicky1.jpg  vicky2.jpg

 Oscar and Julian, two great danes boys owned of my niece Linda.

 01.05.07 023.jpg
Julian and Oscar in happy play on the beach at night.

 2.august Fulustranda Julian og Oscar 038.jpg

Here is Nille`s two affenpinscher puppies.
Schnaffentangens Rosso Zorro & Schnaffentangens Rossa Lita

One of Baby`s five miniatureschnauzer puppie girls, Schnaffentangens Nefertiti.

    An affenman called Deville
       - Anzolas Lucky Star

This beautiful little affenboy is named
Baloo Poden Til Molly


Lisa, Gremrands Herit, visiting Pippin.
Not strange Pippin is so fond of
this little Miss.


           The bulldog-hooligan Minnie :)


Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt 8
months old.

Ilona with her 2 white miniatureschnauzere,
Neibade`s Magoon Moon & Neibade`s Milou Moon,in pair compatition.
 Here they got 2BIS


From Latvia - Saulkrasti and Kennel Neibade

A very brave little man called Truls.
Lives with mum Oli & dad Petter who
treats him like a prince.


Picture taken winter 2005/2006
at Kennel Schnaffentangen.
Lot of snow, if they had
not been black...?

Schnaffentangens Nille &
Jarube Sir Perceval are now Danish Champions