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Imrun`s Joseph Stalin - Timo
Born: 10th february 2006
Breeder: Ingunn og Irmelin Axelsen
Kennel Imrun
Owner: Kari & Ole Lilleboe
Timo`s pedigree

3dflagsdotcom_norwa_2fags.gif  Norwegian Champion 27.04.2008

3dflags_swe0001-0007a[1].gif Swedish Champion 29.06.2008



Summer 2009 and I have been on show in Trondheim.
First picture is me and mum on ringtraining.
Second picture is me and mum in the champion class at the show. I am in from and behind me you can see my dad.

Trondheim2009-Timo1.jpg  Trondheim2009-TimoRINGEN.jpg

27th April, Timo became a Norwegian Champion, like his brothers he got the certificate he needed at his first show after his 2 years birthday.

 DSC_0632.JPG-for-web-LARGE.jpg  DSC_0638.JPG-for-web-LARGE.jpg

Here Timo is visiting us and he is on the Norwegian Kennel Club Show in Drammen in June 2007.

First picture: Here I am pretty tired of grandmother who run after me the whole time to take my picture, and she never gets satisfied. In this picture she said; wow you look just like your father in the face.
Second picture: The miniatureschnauzer Fidzi who lives at grandmother, aaah she was soooo beautiful I tought.

 Timo-juni-07.jpg  Timo-og-Fidzi.jpg

                    Me and my sister Margareth on the stairs

             At the show

 timo-i-ringen-1.jpg  timo-i-ringen-2.jpg


  Timo got his first Certificate and BOB - April 2007

 Timo.JPG Timoto.JPG

 Timo`s first picture from his new home

 image002.jpg image004.jpg

 image009.jpg image014.jpg