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          Junior World Winner 2006

Polish Junior Winner 2006

3dflagsdotcom_latvi_2fags[1].gif Latvian Junior CH &
           Latvian CH
           Latvian Winner 07-08

3dflagsdotcom_lithu_2fags[1].gif  Lithuanian Junior CH
           & Lithuanian CH
           Lithuanien J Winner 2007

3dflagsdotcom_eston_2fags[1].gif Estonian Junior CH
           & Estonian CH
           Estonian Winner 2008
           Baltic Junior CH
           & Baltic CH 2008

Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt -
Born: 10th February 2006
Breeder Ingunn & Irmelin Axelsen
Kennel Imrun
Owner: Ilona Ose, Kennel Neibade
Teo`s pedigree
and offspring

3dflagsdotcom_belar_2fags[1].gif Belarussian Junior CH
          & Belarussian CH 2007
Flagg-Norge Norwegian CH 2007
           Norwegian Winner 2007
3dflags_fin0001-0007a[1].gif Finnish Winner 2007
           Finnish CH 2008
3dflagsdotcom_russi_2fags[1].gif Russian CH 2007

           International Champion 2008

3dflags_hun0001-0007a[1].gif HSPK Champion 2008


      Teo in Hungary
Teo has been in Budapest, Hungary on the Schnauzer/Pinscher Special Show. Teo did great and won, became BOB and a HSPK Champion.

First picture: Teo 1best male and BOB & his son Rasse, Neibade`s Grifild, 2 best male and Junioe BOB and HSPK Junior Champion.

Second picture: Teo get his BOB Cup.

Third picture: Home again and a pic of me and my prizes :)

 Teo+Rasse.JPG HSPS.jpg Teo.JPG

       Estonian Winner 2008
31st May 2008 Teo got the last Cacib he needed to become an International Champion, this happend at show in Estonia and Teo also became BOB and Estonian Winner 2008.

 t1.JPG  t3.JPG

 rasstanovka.JPG  ESTW-08.JPG

     Christmas 2007
Year 2007 has been absolutely fantastic for Ilona and Teo in the show ring. And the finale they has thsi weekend in Russia were Teo became a Russian Champion.
Two times Teo has visited Norway in 2007 and first time he became a Norwegian Champion and next time he became Norwegian Winner 07.
Congratulation to Ilona and Teo for a fantastic year.

Picture one: Teo in Santa Claus`arms.

Picture two: Teo and Eerika. Both Teo and Eerika did very well on this Christmas show.
 Pskov.JPG  Pskov1.JPG

       Finnish Winner 2007
In December Ilona takes her two affenpinschers and go to Finland and Finnish Winner Show. Teo becomes BOB and his "wife" Bade is BOS.
First picture is of Teo and second of Bade.

 FinskVinner-07nr2.JPG  FinskVinner-07nr3.JPG


    Norwegian Winner 2007
Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt became Norwegian Winner 2007 at the show in Hamar 25th November.


        Show in Estonia
Teo has been on show in Tartu, Estonia. Teo got Cacib and became BOS. The judge was from Norway, Petter Fodstad.

                               Ilona - Bade & Teo - Petter Fodstad      
              BOB BOO-november2007.JPG

    Teo back in his birth town, Kongsvinger
Teo came back to his hometown to go to show in October 2007.
He got all he needed and more. Teo became BOB and was also placed in the group with a fourth place.

Picture one: Teo BOB and Bade BOS together with the judge and Ilona.

Picture two: Teo with all his prizes and ribbons.

Picture three-five: Teo in the big group ring together with over 30 other breeds from group 2.

Picture six: Teo got a fouth place in the group. Here the proud owner Ilona and behind the camera a very proud breeder :)

 dommer1.jpg  TEO-BIR-KONGSVINGER3.jpg



   Summer 2007 in Saulkrasti, Latvia
Teo and his girl friends Bade and Eerika is having a very good time in the summer and at the beach.

      Imrun`s Theodore Roosevelt                 Three good friends
 Teo-på-stranda.JPG   Teo-Eerika-Bade-1.JPG

   Teo in Ukmerge, Lithuania July 2007
Teo got Certificate became BOB and he was also fourth in the group.

                 Teo on the table for the judge and then with Ilona
 Teoring.JPG  Teo-Ukmerge1.jpg

                               Teo in the group and with his prize
 DSC06284.JPG  TeoBIG4-Ukmerge.jpg

   May 2007 and two Internationale show.
Teo was at two shows in Riga, Latvia were he got Cacib and became BOB both days.

 Tcacib.JPG  TeoBOB-mai07.JPG

   Belarussia April 2007
Teo in Minsk, Belarussia at two International shows were Teo got all he needed to become a Belarussian Junior Champion. He also got BOB both days.

 Minsk6.JPG   Minsk4.JPG

    Latvian Winner 2007
Teo won his class and became BOB and gained the title Latvian Winner 2007


   Teo is 1 year old
Teo has been in Vinius, Lithuania and he won his class and became
Lithuanian Winner 2007.
Teo with his prize and ribbons

 TeoLTJW07.JPG  Teo1y.jpg

   Teo is a Junior Champion
Here Teo get his last Certificate he needed to become a Junior Champion in Latvia, Lithuanian, Estonian and Baltic Junior Champion.
In the final group he became fourth.


Only 9 months old and Teo became Junior World Winner 2006


                 Teo is 8 months old                                    Teo and dad
 Teo8m.JPG  Ed_Teo.JPG

   Teo has moved to Latvia
Pictures from Teo`s first days in Saulkrasti, Latvia, alone, with Bade and together with his owner Ilona.

 T2.JPG BT2.JPG TeoIlona.JPG

   Teo`s last day here home in Norway

 Theo2.jpg  theo3.jpg