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Capricho Ille Anclentanne - Rosie
Born: 15th May 2008
Breeder: Gina Gingell, England
Kennel Capricho
Owner: Ingunn og Irmelin Axelsen
Rosies`s pedigree and offspring
3dflagsdotcom_norwa_2fags.gif Norwegian Champion 24.07.2010

3dflagsdotcom_lithu_2fags[1].gif Lithuanian Champion 25.09.2011
 Champion Internationale Beauty 2015

 Nordic Veteran Winner 2018


Rosie was BOS-still going strong at the Affenpinscher specialty show 2018


Rosie has turned 8 years and is now a veteran

1233337_10151857344586280_1620338096_n.jpg  10464194_10152511204921280_7518236751547300085_n.jpg

Rosie in the summer 2012

Rosie in August 2010
Rosie sommeren 2010 1.jpg Rosie sommeren 2010 2.jpg

Rosie is now an Norwegian Champion, she gained the title at show in Vaaler
First show with CAC was also in Vaaler and judge was:
Sigridur Petursdottir from Island
Second show with CAC was the Pinscher show and judge was: Klaus Dietmar
Freudenberg from Germany and that was the needed BIG CAC to become a Champion in Norway
Third show with CAC was at Vaaler and judge was Robert Schill from Romania


Rosie has been to the Norwegian Pinscher Club Speciality Show were it is BIG Certificate (CC)
for the Pinscher breeds.
Rosie won her class and became best female, got the Certificate and became BOS

                                                                     BOB Oceanwild To Fast For You
Rosie in the ring                               & BOS Capricho Ille Anclentanne
NPK-Rosie4.jpg  NPK-BOB&BOS.jpg

Rosie has now got her first Certificate (CC) in Norway, at show in Vaaler she got 1BF and became BOS
It was raining so much and when I asked the judge for a picture she took up Rosie in her arms and walked into her tent so Rosie didn`t have to get so wet.

Rosie&Judge.jpg  Rosie&Judge2.jpg

Rosie`s first day here in Norway, she really loves the snow and as soon as I open the door a little Rosie just run out to play in the snow.
Rosie is already accepted in the house and she has also pocked who is going to be her best friend, Seija and Rosie found each other at once and are now like twins.

Rosie and Clooney and Rosie in the front, exploring her new garden and the other dogs are finding out who she is.
 Rosie-first-day1.gif  Rosie-first-day2.gif

  Finally our Rosie, Capricho Ille Anclentanne, is here in Norway with us.
March 9th Rosie came to Norway with me. Rosie is a beautiful little affenpinscher girl with a lovely temperament.

                     Here in her travelling bag at Schiphol in Amsterdam.

Here at a table in Jessica`s garden back in England.

 Rosie1.gif   Rosie2.gif

Capricho Ille Anclentanne, Rosie we call her. Rosie is coming home to us from Cruft in 2009, from August 2008 and till March she lives with Jessica and her dogs.
Thank you both Gina, Kennel Capricho, and Jessica, Kennel Darkle, who makes this possible so we can take home this beautiful little girl.

 First pictures of Rosie

 Rosie-første-bildene1.jpg   Første-bildene-av-Rosie2.jpg

 første-bildene-av-Rosie3.jpg  Første-bildene-av-Rosie4.jpg