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Darkle Dishily Dishevelled - Clooney
Born: 10th February 2006
Breeder: Jessica Grüninger, England
Kennel Darkle
Owner: Kennel Imrun
Clooney`s pedigree and offspring
Flagg-Norge  Norwegian Champion 26.10.2008

Flagg-Norge  Norwegian Winner 2008

3dflagsdotcom_norwa_2fags.gif  Norwegian and Nordic Veteran Winner 2014

3dflagsdotcom_norwa_2fags.gif  Norwegian Veteran Winner 2015

           CACIB in Norway and Sweden


Clooney BEST IN SHOW still going strong 2018


Clooney has turned 10 years and are still going strong. He had his debute as a
still going strong veteran (10+) at te affenpinscher gathering`s show. Clooney
won, became BIS-still going strong, and he also was placed 3rd BM.


Clooney has turned 8 years and is now a veteran. He had his debute as a veteran on show
at the Norwegian Affenpinscher gathering in June 2014. Clooney did great and
became 2BM, won veteran class and became BIS-veteran, and he also got BIS-progeny.

Clooney BIS pĺ affentreffet 2014-001.JPG

Clooney in April 2013

Cooney 7 years old and handsome as ever

Clooney april 2013.JPG  Clooney april 2013 - 3.JPG

Pictures taken of Clooney in June 2012

Picture 1: Clooney here home in the garden
Picture 2: Clooney won the progeny class at the Norwegian Affenpinscher Show 2012

IMG_8617--.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-ClooneyAVLSKLASSE.JPG


Once again we just have to brag about one of Clooney`s offspring and this time it is Bobby, Schnaffentangens Sunshine Blue
showing us how clever an affenpinscher can be
- see here how good :)

      Our handsome Clooney 2011

Clooney`s daughter Schnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta is 4 months old and already so good at the training - see here how good :)

Clooney in August 2010

Clooney sommeren 2010 2.jpg Clooney sommeren 2010 1.jpg Clooney sommeren 2010 3.jpg

     October 2009

                          Clooney on one of his walks when we stop for a while with the water
IMG_8752.JPG  IMG_8765.JPG  


22nd November 2008 Norwegian Winner Show at Hamar. Clooney was there and did very well, he got Cacib, BOS and gained the title Norwegian Winner 2008.
Extra fun it was for me and Clooney this weekend because his breeder and former owner Jessica Grüninger was here and stood at the side line watching Clooney in the ring :)

 ClooneyNV2008.gif  ClooneyNV-08.gif

26th October 2008 the day Clooney got his third certificate and became a Norwegian Champion.

We belive that this Champion title is taken in reccord time for an affenpinscher here in Norway.
Clooney got his first certificate 5th October 2008 and it was on a Norwegian Kennel Club Show and he got what we call The Big Certificate (you need at least one of these to become a Norwegian CH)
Two weeks later it is off again to show our Clooney and this time it was in Eidsvoll about 1.5 our by car.
Both days Clooney got 1-1, CQ, 1BM, CERTIFICATE and BOB so the second day 26th October he gained the title N CH.

All this Clooney did in three weeks in three shows with three different judges from three different countries.
The three judges were; Rafael Malo Alcrudo from Spain, Arne Foss from Norway and Gunnel Holm from Finland.

         25th October and judge                       26th October and judge
                 Arne Foss                                           Gunnel Holm            
 ClooneyBIR-dag1.jpg  Clooney-NUCH.jpg

Some pictures taken in August 2008 of our lovely boy Clooney. Clooney has now really settled in here and he is a mum`s boy too :)

 Clooney-AUGUST2008-1.jpg  Clooney-AUGUST2008-3.jpg


First pictures of Clooney in his new home here with us.
When Clooney saw Seija he falled in love with her and now he follows her all over, play with her and sleep next to her.

 Clooney-mars08-4.gif  Clooney-mars08-2.gif


 Clooney-Denman.gif  DENM3930.jpg