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Imrun`s Boris Jeltsin - Boris
Born: 10th February 2006
Breeder: Ingunn og Irmelin Axelsen
Kennel Imrun
Owner: Kennel Imrun & Kari B. Lysholm
Boris`pedigree     Offspring
            Nordic Junior Winner 2006

Flagg-Norge  Norwegian Champion 23.02.2007

3dflags_dnk0001-0007a[1].gif  Danish Champion 29.06.2008

Swedish Champion 03.07.2008

Nordic Champion 03.07.2008

             World Winner 2008

             International Champion 16.08.2008



Boris sin kolasj.jpg

Boris visiting us in January 2013

IMG_2195.JPG IMG_2196.JPG IMG_2200.JPG

Boris in September 2010

IMG_2827.JPG IMG_2855.JPG

Kari and Boris visited Rita and Alfred, Kennel Oceanwild, and Alfred took some really nice pictures of the little boy.

  boris2bw-stort.jpg  boris1-stort.jpg  boris3bw-1-stort.jpg

Boris has taken some new pictures now in August 2008.
Photografer is Karis friend Elisabeth Espedal.

 Boris-sommeren2008-4.jpg   Boris-sommeren2008-2.jpg

 Boris-sommeren2008-1.jpg   Boris-sommeren2008-3.jpg

Boris has been to a Norwegian Kennel Club show in Drammen, July 2008.

Boris got it all and became BOB and with this result he also got the last Cacib he needed to become and International Champion.
At the same show his daughter Oceanwild Black Widow took her first big certificate and became BOS (she is to young to get Cacib).
Alfred Hove took some pictures of Boris and My alone and of them both together.

                                        Lille My - BOS                                            Boris - BOB
 lillemyutsbord.jpg  BorisAUGUST2008(utenskrift).jpg


I have been on shows in Denmark and Sweden, in Sweden also to the World Winner Show.

In Sweden at the World Winner it was 50 affenpinschers entered an I won the open class and got certificate so I became a Swedish and a Nordic Champion. I also beated my father Pippin, Jarube Sir Perceval, who had won the champion class and I got the Cacib and then I became the World Winner 2008.

                      Me with my ribbons from                      
                    Denmark - Champion & Cacib
 WW2008.BORIS-2.gif    BorisWW-08.jpg

Kari lives in a place called Naerbo not far from Stavanger. They have short way to the sea and the beach and every Saturday Kari take the dogs to the beach for a long walk.
All the dogs run free and jump in to the water and run and play in the sand.

 20071020_Orre_014 (2).JPG  20071020_Orre_038 (2).JPG


       Norwegian Kennel Club Show 10-12th August 2007

This weekend Boris was viviting us here at Brandval and he went to the show in Oslo on Sunday.
He did very well, we are so proud of our little boy. Boris got his second big certificate, his first Cacib and his second BOS on an International Show.
Boris is now qualified for Cruft 2008

 Boris-Bjerke2007-1.gif  Boris-på-Bjerke2007-1.gif

I am visiting boris and Kari home in Naerbo close to Stavanger.

I spent 1 week there and also went to show with them in Haugesund.
Boris won in Haugesund and got CQ, Certificate and became BOB, mum Kari and I was so proud and happy.

Pictures of Kari and Boris and BOB picture together with the judge Svein Helgesen and Suzanne with Deville.

  BorisogKari3.jpg   BorisogKari4.jpg 

Boris-BIR5.jpg   Boris-BIR4.jpg

 KariogBoris.jpg  Boris3.jpg