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Jarube Sir Perceval - Pippin
Born: 28th January 2005
Breeder: Janet R. Beale, England
Kennel Jarube
Owner: Kennel Imrun
Pippin`s pedigree and offspring

Flagg-Norge  Norwegian Champion 06.05. 2006

3dflags_dnk0001-0007a[1].gif  Danish Champion 29.07.2006

Swedish Champion 30.06.2007 

Nordic Champion 30.06.2007

3dflagsdotcom_lithu_2fags[1].gif  Lithuanian Champion 15.03.2008

3dflagsdotcom_lithu_2fags[1].gif  Lithuanian Winner 2008

            International Champion 15.03.2008

3dflagsdotcom_norwa_2fags.gif   Norwegian Winner 2009



I have been in Spain from 1st-7th December 2010 on a combined holiday and dog show, with me I had two dogs and one of them was Pippin.
Pippin became sick after only one day and seriously ill they told me, Pippin as a youngster was poisened and was very sick and that time he got a serious liver damage so he has been living on borrowed time for 4 years.
6th December his body said stop and he died quietly in my arms. Pippin was only 5 years and 10 months old therefore the shock was extra large of course since I expected to have my very special little Boppa for many years more. I will never forget this outstanding man and I am so lucky that I have several of his children and grandchildren with me and he will continue to live true them all.
I want to thank you Janet Beale, Kennel Jarube, for letting me have this very special boy and from the minute he sat his paws on Norwegian soil he stole my heart and the hearts of many others too.

Pippin in August 2010

Pippin sommeren 2010 4.jpg Pippin sommeren 2010 2.jpg Pippin sommeren 2010 3.jpg

Norwegian Winner 2009
Lillestrø..12-1.jpg  Lillestrø..14-1.jpg  Lillestrø..7-1.jpg

Pippin in August  2008
Pippin-i-hagen-2.jpg  Pippin-i-hagen-1.jpg

I have been on show in Sweden again and this time on the World Winner Show.

I won the Champion class and was competing for the Cacib and the WW-08 title
against my son Boris. Boris won and I was second with the Res-Cacib.

Some pictures of me and Boris home again and with all the ribbons.

 WW2008.BORIS&PIPPIN-2.gif  WW2008BORIS&PIPPIN-3.gif

              Show in Boraas, Sweden 30/6-1/7-2007

I and mum has been in Sweden this weekend on 2 shows and I did very well mum says.
On Saturday I was on Schnauzer Pinscher Club`s show and here I got the certificate and became a Swedish and Nordic Champion.
On Sunday I was on an International Swedish Kennel Club Show.

                Saturday and  S CH                                          Sunday
 Pippin-i-Borås-champion2.jpg   Pippin-i-Borås-res.cacib2.jpg               
                                In the ring with my handler Ellinor

 Pippin-og-Ellinor4.jpg   Pippin-og-Ellinor5.jpg


          I visited my son`s in Stavanger May 2007

I spent some nice days together with my son`s Boris and Winston and lots of other good friends.
We walked on the beach, looked at Jaeren buildings and just had fun.

                           Pippin, Boris and Winston

 I and Boris had really fun together, we played all day long, a good kid that boy.

 PippinogBoris2.jpg  PippinogBoris5.jpg

               Walking on the beach

     Pippin-på-stranda1.jpg   På-stranda2.jpg

 IMG_6328.JPG  Pippinhvaskjera.jpg

 Pippin-2-år.jpg  Pippin2.jpg