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Imrun`s Norwegian Winter litter
Their pedigree

Nemi 1 year old and got the RCC at Cruft

IMG_5757.JPG IMG_5755.JPG IMG_5777.JPG

Nemi 7 months old


Nemi at shows

22195721_10155219098083305_2982717009145969082_n.jpg 22814119_10155281333213305_5279844371783691503_n.jpg 22883108_10155280566158305_1819469824_n.jpg

Nemi at the Darlington dog show society

Nemi på Darlington.jpg          Video from the ring


Nemi in her new home

21553254_10155162820843305_1341307880_n.jpg 21553276_10155162819373305_375529325_n.jpg 20614519_10155059642908305_768246397_n.jpg

Here I am in the top to the left and my dog family

Nemi, Imrun`s Norwegian Winter Rose is now living in England with Viki and kennel Ashiblack.
Pictures from her trip over and meeting her mum Viki.

The video is from one of their stops over to England, by car. In the video it is Cheryl with Nemi and Scribble.
In the picture it is Cheryl, Scribble and Nemi and in front little Cosmo.

Video from one of their stops   20187921_10154502528446567_1483671198_n.jpg

Picture 1: In the arms of my mum Viki
Picture 2: Here I meet some of my new friends for the first time.
Picture 3: Finally home in the home of Ashiblack`s and resting after a long trip

20290008_10155031180613305_583241103_n.jpg 20227517_10155030221193305_773528119_n.jpg 20401026_10155031529533305_869959426_n.jpg