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Puppies after

Ryzann Ferlin Hampton Rondavoo


Schnaffentangens Heiress Of Lotta

18th June 2017 our Polly gave birth to four puppies, 3 boys and 1 female

The puppies pedigree

All puppies spoken for

dad Butters                                   mom Polly
IMG_8350-001.JPG     IMG_2190-001.JPG

12 weeks old

Last update in here for tomorrow the first on moves out :)

Picture 1: Imrun`s Francs Peak - Ransu
Picture 2: Imrun`s Crazy Peak - Crazy
Picture 3: Imrun`s Pikes Peak - Pikey
Picture 4: Imrun`s Parry Peak - Zorro

IMG_5190-001 – Kopi.JPG IMG_5184-001.JPG

IMG_5208-001.JPG Zorro 12.JPG

11 weeks old

Picture 1: Crazy
Picture 2: Francs
Picture 3: Parry
Picture 4: Pikey

IMG_5040-001.JPG IMG_5054-001.JPG

IMG_5070-001.JPG IMG_5113-001.JPG

10 weeks old

Picture 1: Francs
Picture 2: Pikey
Picture 3: Crazy
Picture 4: Parry

IMG_5017-001.JPG IMG_5034-001.JPG

IMG_5011-001.JPG IMG_4876-001.JPG

9 weeks old

IMG_4935-001.JPG IMG_4940-001.JPG

IMG_4948-001.JPG IMG_4954-001.JPG

7 weeks old

Picture 1: This is my hole, go and find your own
Picture 2: MINE, I said
Picture 3: Mum, I think I found a treasure in here

IMG_4659-001.JPG IMG_4660-001.JPG IMG_4678-001.JPG

IMG_4663-001.JPG IMG_4676-001.JPG

5 weeks old

IMG_4510-002.JPG IMG_4520-1.JPG IMG_4531-001.JPG


IMG_4537-001.JPG IMG_4539-001.JPG

3 weeks old

IMG_4234-001.JPG IMG_4237-001.JPG

2 weeks old

IMG_4213-001.JPG IMG_4196-001.JPG

Few hours old

IMG_4103-001.JPG IMG_4096-001.JPG

Film of mother and children few hours old