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YEAR 2017

19th July

After this weekend with first show in Vaaler and then the affenpinscher
gathering and the show there we have some great results for our kennel.

Affenpinscher Show 16th July

Our little Viggo, Veggfjellets Black Boy, in Baby Class and was BOS-baby
Imrun`s Norwegian Winter Rose in Puppy Class and was BOS-puppy
Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne in Champion Class: 1-1, HP, 1BM and Best In Show
Ryzann Ferlin Hampton Rondavoo in Champion Class got 1-2, HP, 2BM
Imrun`s Mini Morris in Champion Class got 1-3, HP, 3BM
Neibade`s April Alp in Veteran Class got 1-1, BOS-veteran
Darkle Dishily Dishevelled in Still Going Strong Class
 got 1-1, HP, 4BM, BIS-still going strong
Imrun`s Troll Edda in Junior Class got 1-1, HP, 4BF, BIS-junior
Imrun`s Troll Amma in Junior Class got 1-2, HP
Imrun`s Pussy Galore in Open Class got 1-3, HP
Capricho Ille Anclentanne in Veteran Class got 1-1, HP, BIS-veteran
Kennel Imrun in Breeders Class we got 1-2, HP
Imrun`s Mini Morris & Imrun`s Troll Amma got BiS-brace
Darkle Dishily Dishevelled also won Best Head and Expression

Show in Vaaler 15th July

Imrun`s Norwegian Winter Rose in Puppy Class got 1-1, BOS-puppy
Ryzann Ferlin Hampton Rondavoo in Champion Class got Exc 1, CQ, 2BM

 IMG_4483-001.JPG IMG_4382-001.JPG

1. Imrun`s Norwegian Winter Rose with her prizes from the wekeend
2. Imrun`s Troll Edda in the ring                                                          

IMG_4496-001.JPG IMG_4508-001.JPG

1. Capricho Ille Anclentanne BIS-veteran                                                            
2. Darkle Dishily Dishevelled BIS-still going strong & Best Head and Expression


Best In Show Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne, here with his co-owner Tor Jacobsen
BOS Schnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta, here with her owner and breeder Grete Hansen


10th July

The 18th June our Schnaffentangens Heiress Of Lotta gave birth to
four beautiful puppies. Proud dad is our Ryzann Ferlin Hampton Rondavoo.
The puppies own page you find here.



28th May

Last weekend we went to Fredrikstad to a puppy, junior and
veteran show. We had entered our junior Edda and our veteran Clooney.

Imrun`s Troll Edda won BOB-junior and BOB
Darkle Dishily Dishevelled won BOB-veteran and became BOS



22th March

Some happy news from our kennel. Two new litters
with little black monkey`s has been born.

1st March our Imrun`s Pussy Galore gave birth to one boy and a girl.
Father to the puppies is our Ryzann Ferlin Hampton Rondavoo.
The puppies are 3 weeks today.
Pedigree and pictures of the puppies you find here.


17th March our Rantapuolen M Monroe gave birth to five puppies
and the father to this litter is Schnaffentangens Sunshine Reggae.
More about this litter you find here.



19th January

A very sad day for us today.
We had to say goodbye to our beloved matriarch, our first
affenpinscher Alfa, Schnaffentangens Top Alfa today
She has been in good health all her life and her last walk with the
gang was just one week ago, a good and long life is over,
an era in Kennel Imrun is over.