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I and Butters has been in Estonia for two days international show, some shopping and sightsing.
We flew from Gardermoen airport 05.50 on friday morning and arrived Tallinn 10.45 where Marianna and her husband Nikolai, kennel Dreamberry, meet me.
I lived on hotell G9 near the place where the show was held.

On both Saturday and Sunday there was an International show and we had entered Butters both days. Butters did well and got Exc 1,
CQ, 1BM, CAC, CACIB and became BOB both days so now he is an Estonian Champion too.

After the show it was time for some shopping and on Sunday also guided sighting, Marianna and Nikolai showed me the old town.

Picture 1: Our hotell
Picture 2-3: The show place

.jpg  (10).jpg  (2).jpg

Picture 1: Saturday, Butter got the CAC and CACIB and became a EST Champion
Picture 2: BOB was Ryzann Ferlin Hampton Rondavoo and BOS was Zalzoon`s Siiri Angerkoski
Picture 3: We also meet Rita and her Schnaffentangens Herritage Of Lotta

 (29).jpg  (27).jpg  (3).jpg

Picture 1: Sunday, Butters got CACIB and became BOB today too, 2nd best male was Zalzoon`s Mannerheim
Picture 2-3: From the group. On Sunday we where also shortlisted

 (28).jpg  (31).jpg  (32).jpg

Picture 1: Nikolai, Marianna and little Maria
Picture 2-15: Pictures taken in the old town

 (20).jpg  (7).jpg  (8).jpg

 (9).jpg  (11).jpg  (12).jpg

 (13).jpg  (15).jpg  (16).jpg

 (17).jpg  (18).jpg  (22).jpg

 (23).jpg  (24).jpg  (25).jpg