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Hjem > 11-Imrun`s Frodo Baggins
Johnny 7 mnd - 4.jpg
Imrun`s Frodo Baggins - Johnny
Born: 27th March 2012
Breeder: Kennel Imrun
Owner: Lena Linhult
Johnny`s pedigree and offspring

3dflags_dnk0001-0007a[1].gif  Danish Junior Champion 11.05.2013

            RostockSieger 2013

3dflags_dnk0001-0007a[1].gif  Danish Champion 30.03.2014

3dflags_swe0001-0007a[1].gif  Swedish Champion 30.03.2014


Johnny and Camilla in Malmo where he became both Swedish & Danish CH

Malmö_BIM.jpg Johnny.jpg

Johnny on show in Denmark and Poland

Picture 1: In Denmark. BOS Imrun`s Frodo Baggins as a junior
Picture 2: In Roskilde, Denmark. BOB Imrun`s Frodo Baggins & BOS Viacira`s Monkey Face
Picture 4: 2nd BEST IN SOW
Picture 5: In Denmark BOS and BOB-junior Imrun`s Frodo Baggins & BOB Laroussu`s Edna E`mode
Picture 6: 29th June 2013 in Poland. BOB Laroussu`s Edna E`mode & BOS Imrun`s Frodo Baggins

625679_4661986187024_105220619_n.jpg  486866_4741471694112_260191713_n.jpg  428488_4781383851891_2127673378_n.jpg

941380_4781394732163_431717677_n.jpg  970492_4785705079919_327158313_n.jpg  Pippi_BIR_Johnny_BIM.jpg

Johnny 7 months old

Johnny 7 mnd - 4.jpg  Johnny 7 mnd - 5.jpg

Here I am in my new home

205309_491362337547657_1768600088_n.jpg  165828_491492627534628_162343008_n.jpg

523871_497554636928427_1845913453_n.jpg  540901_495294937154397_1780348716_n.jpg

10 weeks old                                                  9 weeks old

Imrun`s Frodo Baggins 10 weeks -001.JPG  Imrun`s Frodo Baggins 9 weeks old -01.JPG

Here I am 8 weeks old
Rosie`s pups 8 weeks 2-02.JPG  Rosie`s pups 8 weeks 6-06.JPG

7 weeks old
Imrun`s Frodo Baggins.jpg

      5 weeks old                                        All three of us 3 weeks old
Rosie`s pups 5 weeks - First born-001.JPG  Rosie`s pups 3 weeks -01.JPG