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Nylig oppdatert7.jpg

This year's affenpinscher gathering was the eighth and with the seventh unofficial show and again it was a success. This year there were a lot of people and many for the first time.
Many arrived on Friday so we sat up the big tent had pizza together and had a lovely time together.

On Saturday morning some of the people here went to Vaaler and the show there, while the rest of us stayed at home and finished everything here. The kitchen people made freshly baked baguettes, waffles and cake with coffee / tea and soft drinks.
We had a grooming course for the new affenpinscher owners and they went home happy and satisfied after learning how to groom their dogs.
Later it was time for play for people and dogs, people playing boccia and the dogs had fun in the garden.
In the evening we had match show and we grilled and enjoyed us all night.

On Sunday we had our unofficial show with Jan Roger Sauge as judge of this year. The results from both shows, Affenpinscher show and from Vaaler can be found HERE.

Friday evening we had match show where Ingunn was judge.

Picture 1: Here is Ann Jorunn with her Minni, Tove with her Knerten and Liss Bodil with her Thomas
Picture 2: Nina and Betty in action
Picture 3: The winner of the match show was Schnaffentangens Sunshine Reggae and second was Imrun`s Mini Magic.  From left: Ann Jorunn and Minni, judge Ingunn and Grete with the winner Reggae


IMG_6192.JPG IMG_6236.JPG

Picture 1-3: We just enjoy ourselves in the shadow

IMG_6184.JPG IMG_6185.JPG IMG_6186.JPG

Picture 1: We enjoy ourselves and have a barbecue
Picture 2-3: Having fun, here playing boccia

IMG_6244.JPG IMG_6248.JPG IMG_6249.JPG


Picture 1: Sandra and Mumfie (Upendo`s Håkon Sen) in junior class
Picture 2: Mumfie BIS and CC (Imrun`s Crazy Peak) BOS-junior
Picture 3: Mumfie got the prize for the happiest dog at the show
Picture 4: Mumfie and Sandra also got the prize for tha most coordinated couple

IMG_6257.JPG IMG_6326.JPG

IMG_6319.JPG IMG_6384.JPG

Picture 1: Viggo (Veggfjellets Black Boy) BIS-intermediate & CC (Imrun`s Crazy Peak) BOS-intermediate
Picture 2: Line up for those niminated for the Best Head and Expression
Picture 3: Viggo also won the Best Head and Expression
Picture 4: Viggo and CC won BIS-brace



IMG_6352-001.JPG IMG_6300.JPG

Picture 1: The best male was Schnaffentangens Sunshine Reggae
Picture 2: BIS-veteran was Reggae (Schnaffentangens Sunshine Reggae) and BOS-veteran was Bingo (Schnaffentangens Bingo Charlotte)
Picture 3: Best In Show was Regges and BOS was Lotta (Schnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta). The winners and their breeder and owner Grete L. Hansen and to left it is Richard Stenqvist the steward and to the right the judge Jan Roger Sauge.


IMG_6341.JPG IMG_6375.JPG

Picture 1: BIS-still going strong was Clooney (Darkle Dishily Dishevelled) and BOS-still going strong was Rosie (Capricho Ille Anclentanne). The winners with their owner Ingunn Axelsen and judge Jan Roger Sauge
Picture 2: Butters (Ryzann Ferlin Hampton Rondavoo) won progeny class with the offspings, from left, Schnaffentangens The One And Only, Schnaffentangens Time Is On My Side and Imrun`s Crazy Peak
Picture 3: BIS-other breeds was the English Bulldog Kingrock Vaptain Caruthers owned and handled of Liss Bodil Olsen

IMG_6349.JPG IMG_6303.JPG



affenkolsasj 2017.jpg

This year's affenpinscher gathering was the seventh and with the sixth unofficial show and again it was a success. This year there were a lot of people and many for the first time.
It all started Friday morning when they first arrived, this year people took the trip from Bergen and Haugesund in the west, from Troms in the north and some came from England to spend the weekend with us.
The Friday went to get everything in place and when the tent was up there was home-made pizza, the talk went and experiences were exchanged.

On Saturday morning some of the people here went to Vaaler and the show there, while the rest of us stayed at home and finished everything here. The kitchen people made freshly baked baguettes, waffles and cake with coffee / tea and soft drinks.
When the others came home we had a meeting that we had called for in connection with the creation of a new Affenpinscherklubb. An interim board was elected. Afterwards, there was a grooming course where many followed closely and tried out with experienced help present.
The activity committee, read Nina, had really been creative this year and came up with a lot of fun and at first the game kubb was playd, the laughter sat loose and you can safely say it was a big success.
We grilled and enjoyed us all night and Nina had made a quiz where we again got the laughter muscles properly trained.

On Sunday we had our unofficial show with Oystein Eikeseth as judge of this year. The results from both shows, Affenpinscher show and from Vaaler can be found here.

Picture 1: Little Nemi get groomed
Picture 2: Cheryl grooming her little Scribble
Picture 3: Elisabeth with her Lille My

20182654_10155243097171140_1559379606_n.jpg IMG_4287.JPG 20206109_10155243097696140_108450377_n.jpg

Picture 1-3: People just enjoy the sun and talks
Picture 4: Our English guests enjoy themselves in the sun and with the puppies, From left, Elaine Arnold-Stronge and Cheryl Mitchard



Picture 1: The game Kubb, team 1 consisting of Nina, Tove, Anne, Per and Cheryl
Picture 2: Team 2 consisting of Frank, Ann Jorunn, Tor, Eirik and Elaine

IMG_4304-001.JPG  IMG_4308.JPG

Picture 1: From the show in Vaaler. Here Cheryl with Nemi, Imrun`s Norwegian Winter Rose, she became BOS puppy.
Picture 2: Cheryl and Butters, Ryzann Ferlin Hampton Rondavoo, that got CQ and became 2BM
Picture 3:BOB wasSchnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta with breeder and owner Grete Hansen. Judge was Elena Kolshova. BOS was Schnaffentangens The One And Only with his co-owner Tove Braaten.



Picture 1: The dogs enjoyed life too, here Anne`s Molly
Picture 2: Nina`s girls Carmen, Betty and Mia Makaroni
Picture 3: Elaine`s pug puppy, Cosmo
Picture 4: Kjersti and Elisabeth`s beautiful Chinese Crested


Picture 1-3: We enjoy ourselves and have a barbecue


Picture 1: Last part of the quiz, here with Frank and Anne that have a little pep-talk with their dogs.
Picture 2: Eirik and Synneva getting to know their dogs and Ingunn has started to train hers
Picture 3: Here we stand in front of the judge and try to get our dogs to stand nice, not easy when the only thind they want is to fly away :)

19961354_10155243662421187_4204188244788138388_n.jpg  19989642_10155243662591187_5496714386281355090_n.jpg



Picture 1: Our Prize table
Picture 2: BIS and BOS -baby. From left: BOS-baby Veggfjellets Black Boy with his owner Ingunn Axelsen, judge Oystein Eikeseth and Best In Show -baby Veggfjellets Black Beauty with her owner Elisabeth Rude-Evensen.
Picture 3: BIS and BOS -puppy. From left: BOS-puppy Imrun`s Norwegian Winter Rose with her breeder Ingunn Axelsen, judge Oystein Eikeseth and Best In Show -puppy Schnaffentangens Time Is On My Side with breeder and owner Grete Hansen


thumbnail_IMG_8113.jpg  IMG_4331-001.JPG

Picture 1: Elaine in Champion class with Butters, Ryzann Ferlin Hampton Rondavoo
Picture 2: Cheryl with Clooney, Darkle Dishily Dishevelled, in best male
Picture 3: Schnaffentangens The One And Only, Knerten, became BIS-intermediate, here with judge Oystein Eikeseth and co-owner Tove Braaten

IMG_4348.JPG  IMG_4365.JPG  IMG_4462.JPG

Picture 1: From best female class
Picture 2: Grete Hansen with Schnaffentangens Nille
Picture 3: Imrun`s Troll Edda became BIS-junior. Here with judge Oystein Eikeseth and co.owner Tor A. Jacobsen


IMG_4413.JPG  IMG_4461-0.JPG

Picture 1: Nina in brace with Darkle Dishily Dishevelled and Ronja Røverdatter Carmen
Picture 2: Tor with Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne and Imrun`s Troll Edda
Picture 3: Ingunn with BIS-brace Imrun`s Mini Morris and Imrun`s Troll Amma, judge Oystein Eikeseth

IMG_4447.JPG IMG_4448-001.JPG IMG_4451.JPG

Picture 1: Ingunn with her Darkle Dishily Dishevelled tha won Best Head and Expression
Picture 2: Elaine with her pug puppy P`Zazz Cozmo Jenks that became BIS-puppy other breeds he also won the shows Happiest dog
Picture 3: Grete with her miniatureschnauzer Catechism Nick Nack that became BIS other breeds

IMG_4459.JPG  IMG_4452.JPG


Picture 1: Best In Show breeder was Kennel Schnaffentangen with the dogs: Schnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta, Schnaffentangens Bingo Charlotte, Schnaffentangens Play With Fire and Schnaffentangens The One And Only
Picture 2: BIS and BIM veteran. Ingunn with her dogs Neibade`s April Alp that became BOS-veteran and Capricho Ille Anclentanne that became BIS-veteran
Picture 3: BIS and BIM still going strong. Ingunn with her Darkle Dishily Dishevelled that became BIS-still going strong and Grete with her Schnaffentangens Nille that became BOS-still going strong


IMG_4465.JPG  IMG_4466.JPG

Picture 1: Best In Show Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne with his co-owner Tor A. Jacobsen, judge Oystein Eikeseth and BOS Schnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta with her breeder and owner Grete Hansen



Nylig oppdatert.jpg

This years gathering was the sixth and the fifth with show. New record for entered dogs and a new success.

Like last year the was held here in my place at Grinder.

On Friday arrived those who should stay here the entire weekend and we had a very nice pizza-evening.

Saturday we held the show with Svein Bjarne Helgesen as a judge. This year we had two new classes, baby class for puppies 3-4 months, and then we had a class for other breeds. This year it was five entries for the other breedes, 1 kleinspitz, 1 mittelspitz, 1 Tibetan Spaniel, 1 miniature schnauzers p/s and a Spanish Water Dog.

After the show we spent some qualety time together and in the evening we had barbecue.

On Sunday we ate breakfast in the big  tent together before we said good bye.

We are already looking forward to next year.

Picture 1-2: Friday evening and pizza.

IMG_0868.JPG IMG_0870.JPG

Picture 1:Judge Svein Bjarne Helgesen, secretary Ida Kleive and Laila Bogstad almost ready.
Picture 2: Hill`s is the shows sponsor for fifth year and we are so grateful for all the prizes :)

IMG_0871.JPG 13978229_10153632832000689_556274199_o.jpg

Picture 1: Lena, Hege and the dogs almost ready for start
Picture 2: Unni and Finn last prepering
Picture 3: Lena and Morris in champion class

IMG_0873.JPG IMG_0874.JPG IMG_0897.JPG

Picture 1: Berit and Dag Staale waiting excited for their turn
Picture 2: Some of the participants waiting for their turn
Picture 3: Helene watching her husband and their dog Alfred

IMG_0898.JPG IMG_0907.JPG IMG_0899.JPG

Picture 1: BIS-baby was Erlkings Levon Helm with owner Hege K. S. Nilsen
Picture 2: BIS-puppy was Affentassens Fenris with owner and breeder Unni Snowdon
Picture 3: BIS-junior was Oceanwild Ma Vie with owner Hege K. S. Nilsen and BOS was Schnaffentangens The One And Only with owner and breeder Grete L. Hansen

IMG_0882.JPG IMG_0888.JPG IMG_0927.JPG

Picture 1: BIS-intermediate was Nero Argento`s Sadiki with owner Unni Snowdon
Picture 2: BIS-veteran was Ariescot Good Will with owner Tor A. Jacobsen and BOS was Caprisho Ille Anclentanne with owner Ingunn Axelsen
Picture 3: BIS-still going strong was Darkle Dishily Dishevelled with owner Ingunn Axelsen and BOS was Schnaffentangens Nille with owner and breeder Grete L. Hansen

IMG_0930.JPG IMG_0934 – Kopi.JPG IMG_0939.JPG

Picture 1: BIS-breeder was Kennel Imrun with breeder Ingunn Axelsen and with help to handle the boys Tor A. Jacobsen.
Picture 2: The Best Head and Expression was Schnaffentangens Sunshine Reggae with owner and breeder Grete L. Hansen.
Picture 3: The Happiest Dog of the day was Schnaffentangens Top Alfa just like last year, with owner Ingunn Axelsen

IMG_0911.JPG 13932323_10153633037040689_822885986_o.jpg IMG_0925.JPG

Picture: BEST IN SHOW 2016 was Ryzann Ferlin Hampton Rondavoo. Owners Ingunn Axelsen og Grete L. Hansen, with Ingunn Axelsen in the picture and BOS was Nero Argento`s Sadiki with owner Unni Snowdon


Picture 1: Our new barbecue
Picture 2: It tasted good with some food now

IMG_0991.JPG IMG_0993.JPG



This years Affenpinscher gathering is over and all of us are looing forward to next year`s gathering.

As last year the gathering was held
on Arve and Lill`s farm at Auli in Nes.

Saturday`s program was packed with fun and informative

Saturday the program were full of fun things to do for us all. It started up with ring training held by Steinar Balken where we first got some theory and then ring training.
After a short break it was grooming course and help to those who needed that.
This year the puppy course was held by Anka Gronvold with some theory and contact training.
In the evening there was a barbercue.

Picture 1: The dogs getting treats from Hege
Picture 2: This year was Nikko (picture 1) a mexican heirless and Silvia the pug puppy also with us 
Picture 3: Beautiful Trine, Rantapuolen M Monroe

3-Hege gir godbiter-001.JPG Silvia 2-001.JPG 5-Trine 2-002.JPG

Picture 1: Imrun`s Mini Cooper after grooming
Picture 2: Imrun`s Playboy, Bond
Picture 3: Bond, in the front, liked saying hello to his family again

2-Cooper1-001 - Kopi.JPG 01Bond1-001.JPG IMG_1270-001.JPG

Bilde 1: From the ringtraining on Saturday
Bilde 2: Synneva and Jolle
Bilde 3: Synneva receive guidance from our trainer Steinar

Ringtrening1.JPG Ringtrening2-001.JPG Ringtrening3-001.JPG

Sunday it was wthe affenpinscher show with judge Leif-Herman Wilberg

Picture 1: New this year, Lill has made this great affenpinscher figures, so now the buckets are replaced
Picture 2: This years rosettes
Picture 3: Some of the trophies and writer Anka Gronvold

7-Affenfigurene-001.JPG  8-Rosettene-001.JPG  Skriver Anka-001.JPG 

Picture 1: Casey on the table
Picture 2: Tamara in front of the judge
Picture 3:Siri show herself for the judge
Picture 4: Trine and Tor
Picture 5: BIS Darkle Diamond Tamara and BOS To Good To Be True Casey -puppy

Casey-001.JPG  Tamara1-001.JPG  Siri1-001.JPG

Trine og Tor-001.JPG  9-BIS og BIM valp.JPG

Picture 1: Hege and Bjornar that also won the prize for the most coordinated couple
Picture 2: BIS Manowar Betty Boop and BOS A Little Norwegian Sensation -junior
Picture 3: Nina with Betty in her arms and judge Leif-Herman

21-Bjørnar1111-001.JPG  10-BIS og BIM junior-001.JPG  IMG_1752-001.JPG

Picture 1: Mariann and Lucifer
Picture 2: BIS Affentassens Celtic Lucifer and BOS Imrun`s Pussy Galore -intermediate

Mariann og Lucifer-001.JPG  11-BIS og BIM unghund-001.JPG

Picture 1: Unni and Ester in champion class
Picture 2: Grete and Lotta in champion class
Picture 3: Lill nd Shani in champion class
Picture 4: BIS Schnaffentangens Lost In The Tango nd BOS Schnaffentangens Sunshine Ester

Ester og Unni-001.JPG  Grete og Lotta-001.JPG  Shani og Lill-001.JPG

12-BIS og BIM-001.JPG

Bilde 1: Clooney and me in veteran class
Bilde 2: Grete and Nille in veteran class
Bilde 3: BIS Darkle Dishily Dishevelled and BOS Schnaffentangens Nille -veteran

Meg og Clooney-001.JPG  Veteran Nille.JPG  13-BIS og BIM veteran-001.JPG

Picture 1: BIS Konishiki Blackberry Way and BOS Shnaffentangens Top Alfa -still going strong
Picture 2: BIS progeny for Darkle Dishily Dishevelled with the kids Schnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta, Schnaffentangens Lost In The Tango, Schnaffentangens Sunshine Ester and Schnaffentangens Sunshine Reggae
Picture 3: BIS breeder Kennel Schnaffentangens with Schnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta, Schnaffentangens Lost In The Tango, Schnaffentangens Sunshine Ester and Schnaffentangens Sunshine Reggae

14-BIS og BIM Still Going Strong-001.JPG  15-Clooney sin avlsgruppe-001.JPG  16-Oppdrett kennel Schnaffentangen-001.JPG

Picture 1: BIS brace Schnaffentangens Lost In The Tango and Schnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta
Picture 2: Best Head and Expression to Airescot Good Will
Picture 3: Airescot Good Will

17-BIS-par-001.JPG  18-Beste Hode og Uttrykk 2-001.JPG  19-Beste Hode og Uttrykk-001.JPG



The third Affenpinscher gathering here in Norway is ower and we have already started to look forward to next years gathering.

This year we had the gathering on Lill and Arve`s farm so we could have our things and everything in one place and did not need to move around and that was lovely, a big thank you to Lill and Arve and their two monkey-girls.

I drove to Lill on Friday morning so we could finnish the last things before people started to arravie in the evening.
Friday night we ate home made pizza, drank good wine and talked a lot.

Saturday the program were full of fun things to do for us all. It started up with a puppy/starter training helt by Linn Berenguer, then it was time for ringtraining helt by me and Grete L Hansen.
New this year was the obedience part where were we had the opportunity to take the bronze mark for the judge Rune Bjerkelund. Darkle Dance Into The Fire with his owner Anne Cecilie Andersen made it and took the bronze mark.
We had grooming course for those who needed the help. And in the evening it was barbeque where everybody came.

Picture 1: Friday evening: Some affenpinschere in disguise :)
Picture 2: Friday evening: Rune, Anne, Unni and Arve having a good time
Picture 3: Friday evening: Beautiful Nelly, Oceanwild Honey Honey

Fredag 1-001.JPG  Fredag 2-001.JPG  Fredag 3-001.JPG

Picture 1: Friday evening: Unni starts the singing and get us all with her
Picture 2: Friday evening: Beautiful Shani, Black-Diamond Shani Girl
Picture 3: Friday evening: Arve and Bjarne, Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne

Fredag 4-001.JPG  Fredag 5-001.JPG  Fredag 6-001.JPG

Picture 1: Friday evening: Our guest from Denmark, Annelise
Picture 2: Friday evening: Nina
Picture 3: Friday evening: Anka

Fredag 7-001.JPG  Fredag 8-001.JPG  Fredag 9-001.JPG

Picture 1: Friday evening: Anne and Borre the Flatcoated Retriver puppy
Picture 2: Friday evening: Mariann and her puppy Lucifer, Affentassens Celtic Lucifer
Picture 3: Friday evening: Lill and her puppy Lille, Affentassens Celtic Lille Lucia

Fredag 10-001.JPG  Fredag 11-001.JPG  Fredag 12-001.JPG

Picture 1: Friday evening: Nina, Mariann and Arve and all of them with an affenpinscher in their lap
Picture 2: Friday evening: Rune and Anne
Picture 3: Friday evening: Anne and Ghiselle, Darkle Ghisellesexybelle

Fredag 14-001.JPG  Fredag 15-001.JPG  Fredag 16-001.JPG

Picture 1: Friday evening: Beautiful My, Viacirka`s Monkey Face
Picture 2: Friday evening: My, Nelly and one of the boys having a conversation
Picture 3: Friday evening: Ester, Schnaffentangens Sunshine Ester

Fredag 17-001.JPG  Fredag 18-001.JPG  Fredag 21-001.JPG

Picture 1-2: Saturday morning: The dogs running on the field before breakfast
Picture 3: Saturday: Bond, Imrun`s Playboy so proud when he found this bird

Lørdag 1-001.JPG  Lørdag 2-001.JPG  Lørdag 5-001.JPG

Picture 1: Saturday evening: Lill burned her finger and the nearest thing that was cold was her glass of wine
Picture 2: Saturday evening: Lill, Rune, Ann Jorunn and Sebastian
Picture 3: Saturday evening: The food on the barbeque

Lørdag 3-001.JPG  Lørdag 4-001.JPG  Lørdag 4-003.JPG

Sunday it was the affenpinscher show with judge Anders Tunhold-Hanssen and again with a new record in numbers of entries with 37 all in all.

Main sponsor for the show


Picture 1: Sunday: The judge looking at the junior female Laroussu`s Kit Kat
Picture 2: Sunday: Mirian and our Junior female Laroussu`s Joomla Jump
Picture 3: Sunday: Nina with her Ronja Roverdatter Carmen in intermediate class

Micro og Annelise-001.JPG  Miriam og Jenny 3-001.JPG  Nina og Carmen-001.JPG

Picture 1: Sunday: From left BOS-puppy Schnaffentangens Fire Fighter & BIS-puppy Imrun`s Pussy Galore
Picture 2: Sunday: From left BIS Schnaffentangens Sunshine Blue & BOS Schnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta
Picture 3: Sunday: From left BIS-veteran Konishiki Blackberry Way & BOS-veteran Schnaffentangens Fifi

Kitty BIS-puppy-001.JPG  BIS og BIM-001.JPG  BIS og BIM veteran-001.JPG

3 happy BIS-winners with their dogs.
From left: Ingunn Axelsen with her BIS-puppy Imrun`s Pussy Galore, Anne Cecilie Andersen with her BIS Schnaffentangens Sunshine Blue and Grete L. Hansen with her BIS-veteran Konishiki Blackberry Way



9-10th June 2012

The second meeting we arranged here in Norway and it was a great success.

I drove down to Larkollen Friday, June 8th where I was staying at the cabin to Jacinto and Linn. After a while, then came Camilla Stridsberg by train from Sweden and then the other little by little.
Linn made ​​delicious pizza to all of us and we ate and enjoyed ourselves and the conversation was lively around the table.

Saturday morning we drove over to Orejordet where we should be. We set up the newly acquired party tents and got ready. At 10 we wished people welcome and we were officially started.
Linn Berenguer had a great puppy / beginner course, then took Anne Cecilie Andersen over and showed us a little about click and obedience training.
Time 12 Ellinor Gustafson began her ring trainer courses, and as always you learn something on Ellinor's great trainings.
We ate lunch, fresh baguettes, coffee and soft drinks.
We ended the day with a trim course and helped those who needed it later.
Later in the evening it was barbeque at the cabin and many found their way there.

Picture 1: Anne Cecilie Andersen learning us about clicker and obidience training.
Picture 2: Ellinor Gustafson telling us how to behave and dress in the show ring and then we start the ring training.
Picture 3: Our foreign guests (from left: Ann Harrison, Jessica Gruninger and Camilla Stridsberg) enjoying themselves

Affenutstillingen2012-AnneLYDIGHET-1.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Rett før ringtreningen.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Utlandsbesøkende.JPG

Picture 1: Imrun`s Little Princess Vilje relaxing a bit in dad`s lap.
Picture 2-3: In the evening we barbecued and enjoyed ourselves together.

Affenutstillingen2012-Vilje slapper av.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Grillkos1.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Grillkos2.JPG

On Sunday we had an Affenpinscher Show for the first time and it was a new reccord for entered dogs in Norway, 35 all in all.

Main sponsor for the show


From the puppy class

Picture 1: Imrun`s Hurricane Teddy
Picture 2: Imrun`s Tornado Pablo
Picture 3: Laroussu`s Inch B`Inch

Affenutstillingen2012-Vibeke&Teddy.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Valp-Picasso.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Estelle.JPG

Picture 1-2: BIS puppy Laroussu`s Inch B`Inch & BOS puppy Imrun`s Tornado Pablo

Affenutstillingen2012-BIS&BIM-valp.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-BIS&BIM-valp2.JPG

Picture 1: Junior class male, Ronja Roversonn Jolle on the table.
Picture 2: Open class male, Imrun`s Northen Light Bjarne
Picture 3: Champion class male, Laroussu`s Zircon

Affenutstillingen2012-Jølle.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Bjarne.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Pixel.JPG

Picture 1: Veteran class male, Konishiki Blackberry Way
Picture 2: Child and dog, Grete Hansen as judge and here with the winner Miriam Berenguer
Picture 3: Junior class female, Ronja Roverdatter Carmen

Affenutstillingen2012-Grete&Buster.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Barn&hund.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Nina&Carmen.JPG

Picture 1: Intermediate class female, Darkle Lucky Hedda
Picture 2:
Intermediate class female, Black-Sapphire Sara
Picture 3:
Intermediate class female, Black-Diamond Shani girl

Affenutstillingen2012-Linn&Hedda1.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Grete&Sara.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Lill&Shani.JPG

Picture 1: Intermediate class female, Schnaffentangens Zoom In Zara
Picture 2: Open class female, Attila Devil In Disguise For Darkle
Picture 3: Open class female, Alma Tirilsdottir Del Nuciero

Affenutstillingen2012-Anka&Sara.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Ada2.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-Miriam1.JPG

Picture 1: Best Breeder, Kennel Schnaffentangen
Picture 2: Best Progeny, Darkle Dishily Dishevelled

Affenutstillingen2012-BesteOPPDRETT.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-ClooneyAVLSKLASSE.JPG

Picture: Best Head and Expression, Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne


Picture 1: BIS veteran Konishiki Blackberry Way and BOS Schnaffentangens Fifi
Picture 2: BIS Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne and BOS Schnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta

Affenutstillingen2012-BIS&BIM-veteran.JPG  Affenutstillingen2012-BIS&BIM.JPG

Both the BIS-puppy Laroussu`s Inch B`Inch and the BIS dog Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne is now in England. Stella is sold there and our Bjarne will visit Jessica Gruninger, Kennel Darkle for a while, good luck to you both.


18-17th June 2011

Norways first affenpinscher gathering and it was a successful gathering in every way. This is something we will continue to do every year forward now.

Affentreffet dag 1-ALLE.JPG

Friday 17th June and I put the dogs in the car and we drove down to Larkollen.
I, Eva, Geir, Ann Jorunn and our dogs borrowed Jacinto and Linn`s cabin for the weekend so we had only 5 minutes to drive to Rygge bygdetun where the gathiering would be.
Before we drove to the cabin we walked the dogs in Linn and Jacinto`s place and afterwards we had a lovely Spanish omelet made by Linn

Picture 1-3: from our walk in the forest

18.06.2011 067[1].jpg 18.06.2011 074[1].jpg 18.06.2011 083[1].jpg

Saturday 18th June We got up early in the morning and walked the dogs, ate breakfast and drove off to the place where the gathering would be.
It was a nice and big area we had borrowed and perfect for us and all the dogs.
People started to arrive at 0830 and it came many people and dogs, 30 affenpinschere came, 1 Spanish waterdog, 1 griffon, 1 golden retriver and of course all their owners :)

Linn Berenguer (Kennel El Nuciero) started to welcome everyone and then procedeed with a puppy training/beginner course. I  was one of the pupils there and must say that although I have had dogs for many years and are a breeder that you never learn to much. I felt I learned a few things and had many aha experiences, great performed by Linn.
After Linn`s training Ellinor Gustafson (Kennel Gustoff) had ring training with us and as always when I am on her trainings I learn something new and useful. I also got feedback from the others that this was both fun and educational.
Anne Cecilie Andersen (Kennel Smutic) told us and showed us a little about the benefits and use of the clicker.  I bought a clicker and will now start to use what I learned with my dogs.

We finished the day with barbecue at the cabin

I used the opportunity and gathered together all the offspring of my male Clooney, Darkle Dishily Dishevelled
,  who was there and took a family picture of them all. It was incredibly fun to see them all together, a total of 10 offspring from 4 different litters and 3 different combinations. 

Affentreffet dag 1-Clooney og barna 2.JPG
From left: Grete Hansen with 2 of the Clooney-children and mother is Schnaffentangens RossaLita, Anne Cecilie Andersen
with 2 of the Clooney-children and mother is Schnaffentangens RossaLita, Ann Jorunn with 1 of the Clooney-children and
mpther is Imrun`s Margareth Thatcher and Clooney himself, Unni Snowdon with 2 of the Clooney-children and
the mothers is Imrun`s Margareth Thatcher
to one of them and Schnaffentangens RossaLita is mother to the other, Hege Schøyen
 with 1 of the Clooney-children and mother is Oceanwild Black Magic, Jan Ole Hvilsten with 1 of the Clooney-children
and mother is Oceanwild Black Magic
and Miriam Berenguer with 1 of the Clooney-children and mother is Oceanwild Black Magic

Picture 1: Linn and her daugther Miram and some of us other on the bench eager to learn
Picture 2: One of the oldest puppies at the gathering, Fia
3: The 3 youngest puppies: Bob, Knerten and little sister

Affentreffet dag 1-valpekurset.JPG Affentreffet dag 1-valpekurset 5.JPG Affentreffet dag 1-pause og valpene koser seg.JPG

Picture 1-6: All in the ring and Ellinor in the middle
Picture 2: Tor with Helga on the table and Ellinor is looking at the dog like the judge would do
Picture 3: Ann Jorunn with Luna on the table
Picture 4: Anne with Bobby on the table
5: Jacinto with Tiril on the table

Affentreffet dag 1-ringtrening 2.JPG Affentreffet dag 1-ringtrening paa bordet.JPG Affentreffet dag 1-ringtrening paa bordet 2.JPG

Affentreffet dag 1-ringtrening paa bordet 3.JPG Affentreffet dag 1-ringtrening paa bordet 4.JPG Affentreffet dag 1-ringtrening.JPG

Picture 1: Jacinto,  the barbeque boss
Picture 2: Geir, Eva and Miriam that has put all on the table
3: Geir helping Eva and Miriam to fill up their plates with food

Affentreffet dag 1-grilling 1.JPG Affentreffet dag 1-grilling 2.JPG Affentreffet dag 1-grilling 3.JPG

Sunday 19th June we started an hour later and in rain, but no problem because we got people to come to the cabin where we had a large party tent where we all could stay.
We started in the tent with a grooming course, how I groom my affenpinscher.
Me and Grete Hansen (Kennel Schnaffentangen) took care of this and from the feedback it was both successful and fun for those who participated.
Afterwards we took the dogs for a walk (the rain had stopped) where we had a lot of questions about affenpinschers on the route.
We ended the day with lunch together in the cabin and gave all awards who had been there, the puppies got a special puppy prize and the winners of all the questions also got something extra.

This was a great success and we will definitely repeat this next year and years to come :)

Thanks to everyone who helped and to all who came, together we made this to a very nice and informative weekend.