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Imrun`s Northern Star To Majpl - Star
Born: 15th February 2010
Breeder: Ingunn & Irmelin Axelsen
Kennel Imrun
Owner: Kennel Majpl

Star`s pedigree

Norwegian Champion 9th June 2012 

Swedish Champion 14th July 2012      

Finnish Champion 18th July 2015       

            Nordic Champion 18th July 2015       


Pictures of Star taken in 2015

11896231_10205135475771133_5594767165142067107_n.jpg  11760198_10204913247255559_7397758857994006048_n.jpg

Picture taken of Star in the September 2012

Picture taken of Star in the spring 2012
tur 1 039.JPG

Beautiful Star

. Star11.jpg  Star12.jpg

Soon junior

1. Me
2. Me and dad
3. Me and Rheia

pictureCAYGX2YD.jpg pictureCA18SFGU.jpg pictureCAU0B2DR.jpg

Some pictures of Star now 6 months old

picture[1].jpg pictureCAI0N7M0.jpg Star1.jpg

pictureCAW2DFVC.jpg Star1..jpg

Tuesday 1st June I and grandmum drove to the airport to meet my new mum, Marit. Now I live in the north part of Norway not far from the city Tromso and here I live together with my mum Marit, my dad Paal and the other dogs.

Here I meet my two half brothers and some of the other dogs
SAM_1885.JPG SAM_1900.JPG

Some pictures of Star taken here in Kennel Imrun

Some pictures taken of me the day I move out.
And here you can see me having fun with the small puppies :)
7 weeks and with Star 1.JPG 7 weeks and with Star 4.JPG 7 weeks and with Star 5.JPG

Here I am in the front 11 weeks old                        Me 8 weeks old    

11 weeks - 1.JPG  8 uker - Star 1.JPG

   7 weeks old                              6 weeks old    
7 uker - Star 02.JPG  6 uker - Star 3.JPG

  5 weeks old                                 4 weeks old
5 uker - Star 2.JPG  4 uker - Star 1.JPG

3 weeks old                            2 weeks old                     
3 uker - Star.JPG  2 uker - 7.JPG

    3 days old                                      1 day old
3 dager - Star.JPG  1 dag - 7.JPG