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Hjem > 7-Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne


Imrun`s Northern Light Bjarne - Bjarne
Born: 15th February 2010
Breeder: Ingunn & Irmelin Axelsen
Kennel Imrun
Owner: Kennel Imrun & Kennel Veggfjellet

Bjarne`s pedigree and offspring
  3dflagsdotcom_uk_2fags.gif  1 x Res.CC and got his stud book number

3dflagsdotcom_norwa_2fags.gif  Norwegian Champion 14th July 2013   


Spring 2016

IMG_0141-001.JPG  IMG_0127-001.JPG

Summer 2014

10509753_10152595935986280_6953931678019259603_n.jpg  10585165_10152595856801280_825322055_n.jpg

Summer 2013

Picture 1 - 4: Picture taken here in our home
Picture 5: New Norwegian Champion

Bjarne juni-014.JPG  Bjarne juni-015.JPG 

Bjarne juni-016.JPG  Bjarne juni-017.JPG

Bjarne Kolasj 2 2013.jpg

Bjarne home again and at the Norwegian Winner Show 2012
with his handler Jessica Gruninger. Bjarne got Exc1 and the Dog CC

Bjarne at the Affenpinscher Show in Norway June 2012
Affenutstillingen2012-Bjarne.JPG Affenutstillingen2012-BIS&BIM.JPG
Bjarne was BIS and BOS was Schnaffentangens Sunshine Lotta

Pictures taken of Bjarne in June 2012 by Tor Jacobsen
578221_10150869672295689_616845971_n.jpg BjarneJUNI2012-2.jpg BjarneJUNI2012-3.jpg

This picture is taken of Bjarne here in our garden
 when he and Tor came for a visit in May 2012.

Bjarne has now passed 2 year and what a
handsome little man he has grown to be.


Bjarne spent a week here so I took some new photos of him. Here he is 9 months old

 bjarne9mnd-2RAMME.jpg Bjarne9mnd-1RAMME.jpg  Bjarne9mnd-3RAMME.jpg

Bjarne visited us the third week in June

Bjarne has had a lot of fun I think, playing with all the puppies in the house and Kari`s small French bulldog puppies

Picture 1: Hmm, what/who are you?
Picture 2: All three of them soon found out that it was fun to play together
Picture 3: Minnies Return to Sender and Bjarne
Picture 4: I totally charmed Siri and she could not stop hugging me, I loved it :)

Bjarne og bulldogvalpene 2.JPG  Bjarne og bulldogvalpene 1.JPG

Bjarne & Bulldogen 2.JPG Bjarne & Siri 1.JPG

Some pictures of Bjarne taken here in Kennel Imrun

Bjarne 10 weeks old                                                                                 
    and his mum Rosie                                            
Here I am 8 weeks old 
10 weeks - 3.JPG  8 uker - Bjarne 1.JPG

Bjarne 7 weeks old
7 uker - Bjarne 2.JPG  7 uker - Bjarne 3.JPG

Bjarne 6 weeks old
6 uker - Bjarne 1.JPG  6 uker - Bjarne 2.JPG

5 weeks old                                                       4 weeks old
5 uker - Bjarne 2.JPG  4 uker - Bjarne.JPG

Newborn together with mum and 1 week old
1 dag - 5.JPG  1 week old - 1.JPG