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Me, Fidzi and Pippin have been one week in Rogaland visiting Boris and Winston.
22 May we left home and drove towards Naarbo where Kari and Boris lives.
The drive took us almost 11 hours, but we stopped several times and walked for a bit before we drove on.

We lived with Kari and Boris the whole week. Suzanne came and visited us and brought Winston and Deville. It was very nice to see our boys again, Boris and Winston.
Pippin enjoyed himself together with his son's and all of the other affenpinschers.

       Here one of the places we stopped at, Moi, great view.
Moi1.jpg  Moi2.jpg

Pippin and Boris playing,   Suzanne and Kari with
very similear those two          all our affens
          Pippin, Boris and Winston
PippinogBoris2.jpg    Alle3.jpg    Far+sønner3.jpg

On Saturday we went to a show in Haugesund with Boris, it was so fun for me to see Boris and Kari in the ring. For results see News.
The trip to Haugesund was a new experience for me who lives far away from the sea.

We took the ferrie and here we meet another one. Fidzi while she is out and look around.

Fra-båten5.jpg  Fidzi-i-Haugesund.jpg

On Sunday Kari took me  sightseeing around in the district, it was a really nice tour.
Here is Pippin down at the sea, he thought it was very exciting to smell and see seaweed.

Pippin-på-stranda2.jpg  Pippin-på-stranda1.jpg

                  Pictures taken from the beach we were on

På-stranda3.jpg  På-stranda5.jpg

An old Jaerhouse.  Boris, Pippin, Marius and Kari in front of the house.
Jærhus.jpg  Boris-Pippin-Marius1.jpg

I had an amazing week and Fidzi, Pippin and I are grateful for the hospitality, all the great experiences and for very good company with Kari, Suzanne, Ingebjorg and all the dogs. We will do this trip again.
I took a lot of pictures and new pictures are in
Pippin, Boris and Winston`s pages.
At the end I have to put two more pictures here of Rosa, Boris`s little girlfriend and Minni the little bully who believes she is an affenpinscher, both stole a peace of my hart.

Rosa.jpg  Minni.jpg