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17-18 AUGUST

This weekend I and Pippin has been in Sweden on an international show. It was not the best result, but we had a very nice and social trip, meet many great affenpeople and that we love.
Pippin and I left home Friday 1130 and we drove for about 3 hours before we stopped in Karlskoga, there we meet Grete and her dogs, we ate  and drove on. 1845 we came to Sorsjons camping were we spent the night.

Picture one: Cabin we rented and spent the night in from Friday to Saturday. Pippin and I, and Grete, Buster, Sami and Nille
Picture two: 
As usuale we come early and spend good social time in the tent:)

Norrkoping2007-Hytta.gif  Norrkoping2007-Teltet.jpg

Picture one: Mum I am so tired and I want to go home now.
Picture two: Home at last, Pippin is resting after the trip.

Norrkoping2007-Pippin.gif  Borte-bra-hjemme-best.gif

30 JUNE - 1 JULY

Friday 29 June me and Pippin got into the car and drove for Sweden, first to Ed were Grete and Ellinor have houses and together from there to Fristad were we lived this show-weekend.
For me and Pippin it was an absolutly fantastic weekend with very good results, see News and Pippin`s own page.
Have to send a big thank you to Ellinor who handled Pippin for me on Saturday and Sunday, the boy walked like he never have walked before, it was very fun and exciting to watch.

Fristad school were we lived, very nice place great for both us and the dogs.

Folkehøgskolen1.jpg Folkehøgskolen2.jpg Folkehøgskolen5.jpg

Pippin was really enjoying himself with mum all alone, he even wanted to sleep in the bed for the first time, he slept next to my pillow on his back and snoring.


It was our first show with so many affenpinschere in one place and it was very fun to see so many at the same time, and there were very many nice ones.
Pictures from the show is on the page