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10th April -08 I stood at the airport with butterflies in my tummy again and this time together with our miracle-boy Pikku Poika as travelling companion. We were going to Gibraltar to meet Pikku Poika`s new mum and dad.
We left home early Thursday morning and after 4 hours and 15 minutes with the plane we arrived Malaga, Spain. Pikku Poika slept in his travelling bag the whole time and behaved like he had never done anything else than travel round the world.
For almost 2 months ago we got a enqu
iry about our little heartbreaker Pikku Poika and if he maybe would consider moving to Gibraltar to live together with his gran-uncle Seibrin Black Boy in David and Valerie`s home.
On the airport in Malaga David was waiting for us to come and to take us home to Gibraltar. After 1 1/2 hour in the car we were there.
Home at David`s was mum Valerie and gran-uncle Bumblepentu waiting for us and Bumblepentu took Pikku Poika into his home with a smile :)

I spent 4 fantastic days with Pikku Poika and Bumblepentu in David and Valerie`s home. I have been on sightsing and seen a lot of what Gibraltar has of sight.
You can also look into
Pikku Poika`s own page for more pictures of him and his gran-uncle Bumblepentu.

Gibraltar, or The Rock as some call it is a British overseas territory located near the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula Strait of Gibraltar.The territory shares a border with Spain to the north. The territory covers 6.843 square kilometres. It shares a 1.2 km (0.75 mi) land border with Spain.

Gibraltars Botanic Gardens was opend in 1816 and have the name Almeda garden.
Today you will find over 600 sorts of trees, bushes, cactus and flowers.

strait_gibraltar.gif     BotaniskeHagen1.jpg

BotaniskeHagen2.jpg BotaniskeHagen3.jpg BotaniskeHagen4.jpg

BotaniskeHagen5.jpg BotaniskeHagen7.jpg BotaniskeHagen8.jpg

     Rock tour
Most of its upper area is covered by a nature reserve, which is home to around 230 Barbary Macaques, commonly known as "apes", the only wild monkeys found in Europe.

This little man jumped on to the car and found himself a god spot at the car-mirror and followed us for a while. I was so surprised over this so I laught and screamed to David; look at the monkey David, look, LOOK :)

Apen-på-bilen.gif Apene1.gif Apene2.gif

Here Queen Elisabeth II and her husband stood and looked out
over Gibraltar during their visit in 1954.

Dronningens-utsiktsplass1.jpg  Dronningens-utsiktsplass2.jpg

Pictures taken on my cartrips around Gibraltar

Utsiktsbilder1.jpg  Utsiktsbilder2.jpg

Utsiktsbilder3.jpg  Utsiktsbilder4.jpg

On Sunday I was in the church and listen to my host David who had the service.
Pictures from the church King`s Chapel

Picture 1: Outside the church
Picture 2: Were the prominent guests sits.
Picture 3: Inside
Picture 4: George Vl window in the north transept.

Kirka-utenfor.jpg  Kirka-inni1.jpg

Kirka-inni3.jpg  Kirka-inni2.jpg

     My hosts
David and Valerie with Bumblepentu and Pikku Poika in their arms. And David and Valerie with their grandchildren Adam and Mark.
Thank you so much for 4 unforgettable days and for you hospitality and for the good home you give my Pikku Poika.

David&Valerie-1.jpg  David,Valerie,Adam&Mark2.jpg