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Imrun`s Little Princess Saga - Saga
Saga`s name = original identical to Frigg. The wife of
Odin and mother to Balder, the most important asynjur.
Born: 6th December 2008
Breeder: Ingunn & Irmelin Axelsen,
Kennel Imrun
Owner: Wenche
Saga`s pedigree
          Jugendsieger Leipzig 2009

          Jugendsieger Rostock 2009

3dflagsdotcom_gerna_2fags[1].gif German Junior Champion 3.10.09

          Sieger Leipzig 2010

3dflags_dnk0001-0007a[1].gif Danish Champion 28.8.2010

3dflags_swe0001-0007a[1].gif Swedish Champion 22.05.2011

3dflagsdotcom_gerna_2fags.gif German Champion 21.08.2011

Champion International Beauty 4.11.2011


  Saga is back in Norway and live here in Kennel Imrun with us

Pictures taken in August 2012

Saga 2-001.JPG  Saga-001.JPG

Pictures taken right after she became                                                               
a Swedish Champion, summer 2011                                 Saga CIB                  

5-Imrun`s Little Princess Saga.jpg       SagaCIB.jpg

Saga and Bengt-Jörgen at the World Winner Show in Denmark 2010
Saga got EXC 1, 3BF

Saga på WW-2010.JPG

     Saga is celebrating her 1st birthday

DSC01533.JPG DSC01539.JPG DSC01536.JPG

   Saga together with her mum and her half-sister
Here Saga is with her mum Maj-Lis and Grete with half-sister Bingo

                            Grete & Bingo         and           Maj-Lis & Saga
  Bing+Saga, København-09.jpg

   Saga in her new home

Picture one: Little Saga has now turned 5 months and she has already been to 2 shows and in both she became BOB-puppy.
Picture two: What a fantastic picture of all the pinschers, Saga is to the left and Hera in the right.

 DSC01440.JPG DSC01397.JPG

   Saga`s parents has comed for her
12 weeks old and Saga now has moved out, Saga will be living in Sweden together with her aunt Hera and her family in Kennel Tanzab.

Picture one: Mum Maj-Lis with both the girls
Picture two-three: Saga together with aunt Hera
Picture four: Dad Bengt-Jörgen and mum Maj-Lis with Hera and Saga
Picture five: Me with mum and dad


 IMG_7863.gif Saga&Hera1.gif

 SagaMEDpappa,Hera&mamma.jpg SagaMEDmamma&pappa.jpg

   Puppy pictures of Saga

                                                  Saga 10 weeks old, enjoy herself in the sofa
 10UKER-Saga-1.gif 10UKER-Saga-2.gif

                          Here with my sister Sol, we are asking;
                         PLEASE let us come up in the sofa again

                                                             8 weeks I am here on this pictures
8UKER-7.gif  8UKER-Saga.gif 8UKER-5.gif

                                            7 weeks old                                           6 weeks old
 7UKER-Saga.gif 6UKER-8.gif

                               5 weeks old and together with my mum                 4 weeks old
 5UKER-5.gif 4UKER-Jente2.gif

                                                                                            Saga 2 weeks old. I am the
                                       Saga 3 weeks old                          one with the dot on my back
 3UKER-2.gif 2UKER-5.gif

                                                                Here I am only 1 week old