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Neibade`s April Alp - Alpie
Born: 1st April 2008
Breeder: Ilona Ose,
Kennel Neibade

Owner: Kennel Darkle
& Kennel Imrun

Alpie`s pedigree and offspring

       3dflagsdotcom_norwa_2fags.gif  Norwegian Champion 10.09.2011

   3dflagsdotcom_uk_2fags.gif 1 x CC, 1 x BOB, Reserve Best In Show at the club        open show and got his stud book number



Alpie in spring 2014

IMG_9312-001.JPG  Alpie-001.JPG

Pictures taken in June 2012

Alpie and his sweetheart Seija

IMG_8632-001.JPG  Jeg er glad i deg1.JPG

Pictures taken in May 2012

Alpie enjoying himself in the garden

AlpieMAI2012.1.jpg AlpieMAI2012-01.JPG AlpieMAI2012-02.JPG

Pictures taken of Alpie in September 2011

Me and Alpie in Stavanger              Alpie in Sweden at show there         
where he got his Champion tittle                                                                            

299710_10150365197186280_727361279_10184218_1416967436_n.jpg Alpie3.JPG

Cruft 2011, Alpie entered in Open Class and got a third place

                  Alpie                                          Jessica and Alpie
CRUFT2011-5.JPG  CRUFT2011-10.JPG

23th January 2009 quote from Dog World by Andrew Brace http://www.dogworld.co.uk/Features/4-brace?year=2009&month=01.

"There was only one Affenpinscher present, a junior male called Neibade’s April Alp. Although not nervous, he was a little overawed at first being just nine months old, but I loved his type, size, shape and absolutely typical coat and movement, so was happy to award him the CAC and BOB, and the more he went the more he relaxed and began to give of his best. I was interested to hear that he is due to come to the UK where he will join the Darkle kennel of Jessica Gruninger, and I am sure he will be an asset to the breed. Interestingly he is sired by the US bred Yarrow’s Jungle Jim."

First picture: Today 10th January 2009 Alpie had his debute in the show ring as a junior and he did very well.
Alpie got certificate and became BOB.
thank you to Arne Odegaard who took the photo of us.
Second picture: Alpie is here 9 months old. Ilona his breeder is here visiting us and helps me to take a picture of the little boy.
 DSC_0002.JPG  Alpie9mnd.gif

 I have been on show for the first time in my life. It was fun and so much to look at.

First picture: Safe in the pen I can look and bark a bit at all the other dogs I see. Here I am together with my good friends Clooney and Seija.
Second picture: Me on the table, look how the judge is smiling - I gave him a good kiss and he liked it :)

 DAG1-i-grinda.jpg  Alp-på-bordet(dag1).jpg

Neibade`s April Alp is living here with us and he will stay here for a while before he will come with us to England in March 2009 and there he will be living in Jessica`s home, Kennel Darkle.
Alpie as we call him is a wonderful little boy, so cute and nice.
 Alp28.09.2008-2.gif   IMG_6346.JPG