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  Rheia redigert.jpg

Imrun`s Famous Eight Rheia - Rheia
Rheia = was the Titaness daughter of
Uranus the sky and Gaia the earth
Born: 14th July 2007
Breeder: Ingunn & Irmelin Axelsen,
Kennel Imrun
Owner: Kennel Majpl
Rheia`s pedigree and offspring

3dflagsdotcom_norwa_2fags.gif  Norwegian Champion 6. July 2013


Pictures taken of Rheia in September 2012

IMG_0596-001.JPG IMG_0597-001.JPG

                                                           Little beautiful flower girl Rheia


CIMG3782.JPG  CIMG3783.JPG                   

                                       Pictures taken of me the summer 2009, we are on holliday.
GetAttachment-1.jpg  GetAttachment.jpg

                                 Pictures of Rheia March 2009. Mum and dad`s little princess she is.


                                                       Show in Tromso 31/5-1/6 -2008

                                                              The first day I got 1-1, HP
 RheiaHP31.05.08.JPG  Rheia-stårHP31.05.08.JPG

                                   The second day I got my first Certificate and became BOB
 RheiaBIR01.06.08.JPG  Rheia-stårBIR01.06.08.JPG

                                                            Pictures taken in December 2007

                                                                                       After lot of playing I get tired
                                                                                     and Menja is a very good mattress
                                      Me and Penny                                       to take a nap on
 Rheia-Penny-desember07.JPG  Rheia-Menja-desember07.JPG

                                   Now I am 16 weeks old and here are some new pictures of me
 16uker.JPG 16uker2.JPG 16uker3.jpg

Rheia at home with her new friends, Penny the affenpinscher and Bonita & Menja the Springer Spaniels.

Picture one: here Rheia in front and together with all 3 of her new friends
Picture two: Rheia and Menja
Picture three: Rheia and Bonita
Picture four: Rheia, Menja and Bonita

 Rheia-ute-med-de-andre.jpg  Rheia-og-den-brune.jpg

 Rheia-og-den-svarte.jpg  Rheia-sammen-med-springerne.jpg

   Rheia moves to Marit and Paal
Early in the morning  3rd October a new chapter in Rheia`s life started. I, Margareth and Rheia drove to the airport and meet Rheia`s mum and dad.
Rheia travelled with plane to Tromso and further with car to a place called Nybygda were she now live together with mum Marit and dad Paal.
Rheia is not alone dog in the house, she has company with an affenpinscher lady by the name Penny and 2 English Springer Spaniels.
On the pictures is Rheia with mum and dad.

 Rheia-på-flyplassen1.jpg  Rheia-på-flyplassen2.jpg

                                                                 Puppy pictures of Rheia

                                                                  Here I am 8 weeks old
 Rheia-8uker1.gif  Rheia-8uker2.gif

                                                                6 weeks old I am here
 6uker-flekk-på-rompa-1.jpg  6uker-flekk-på-rompa-3.jpg

                                                                Only 13 days old I am here