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Imrun`s Famous Eight Hera - Hera
Hera = goddess of marriage, family,
motherhood and queen of the godsee
Born: 14th July 2007
Breeder: Ingunn & Irmelin Axelsen,
Kennel Imrun
Owner: Laila
Hera`s pedigree and offspring


          Jugendsieger Leipzig 2008

3dflagsdotcom_gerna_2fags.gif German Junior Champion 14.09.2008

          DKLBV-08 (Danish Club Winner)

3dflags_dnk0001-0007a[1].gif Danish Champion 16.08.2009

3dflags_swe0001-0007a[1].gif  Swedish Champion 06.09.2009

            Sieger Rostock 2009

3dflagsdotcom_gerna_2fags.gif  German Champion 22.08.2011

             Sieger Leipzig 2011


Hera is now back in Norway and lives not far from us, she lives together with her brother Pan, the cat Saphira and their mum Laila.

Hera and her mum Laila
Laila og Hera 1-001.JPG Laila og Hera 2-001.JPG

Pan, Hera and Laila
Laila, Pan og Hera-001.JPG

     Hera is now Danish and Swedish Champion
Bengt-Jörgen and Maj-Lis has sent this pictures of Hera and her prizes.
First picture: From left Gremrands Khonsu BOS & Imrun`s Famous Eight Hera BOB
Second picture: Hera with both her Champion ribbons from Denmark and Sweden

Hera BIR og svensk CH.JPG  Hera med sine rosetter - dansk og svensk CH.JPG

     All pinschers together
What a fantastic picture of all the pinschers in Kennel Tanzab`s, Saga (Imrun`s Little Princess Saga) is to the left and Hera in the right of the picture


   From Germany 14th September 2008
I and dad with my pize and the judge, Helga Nagel from Germany.
This day I got my third Certificate and became a German Junior Champion and I am the first one in my litter, Famous Eight, that get a Champion title :)


   From the show in Tvaaker 11-12 July 2008
First day I got CQ, 3BF and second day I got CQ, 2BF, Certificate.

 DSC00085.JPG  DSC00086.JPG

   From Amare Stäket 2nd July 2008
In my mums lap, resting after a long show day and before I have to go in the breeders class with grandmother and 3 of my siblings :)
In the left corner you can se my "sister" Havalidens Zabrina in dads chair.


Hera and her sister Jenny has been at the same show.
Hera got 1-2, HP

Picture one: I am new groomed :)
Picture two-four: Hera and her sister Jenny, 2 beatiful girls. Jenny is the closest to the camera and the other one is me, Hera.

 Hera-1.jpg DSC01006-1.JPG

 DSC01007.JPG DSC01009.JPG

   Advent affen
December 2007 and 1st Advent. Hera has found a nice place in the window and I think she blend in just perfect with the advent lights :)


And here I am in my new home with my family and my new friends.

Picture one: me and Carl-Henric
Second picture: Hera together with the other dogs in the house. First time I have seen all the 3 breeds together lik this - fun.

Hera-med-Carl-Henric.gif Første-bildene2.jpg Forste-bildene1.JPG

  Hera is moving
On Monday October 9th Hera`s mother, Maj-Lis, and father, Bengt-Jörgen, came all the way from Sölvesborg in Sweden to get their Hera.
Maj-Lis and Bengt-Jörgen stayd here for the night and drove back home Tuesday October 10th.
Hera now lives in Kennel Tanzab`s together with some pinschers and miniaturepinschers, so now the kennel has all 3 breeds in the house

                                           Hera with mum and dad
 Hera-drar2.jpg Hera-drar1.jpg

   Puppy pictures of Hera

Here I am 10 weeks old and out in the sunny weather

 10uker-Hera2.gif  10uker-Hera4.gif

6 weeks old
 6uker-flekk-i-hodet-1.jpg  6uker-flekk-i-hodet-3.jpg

 Here I am only 13 days old, mum is looking at my weight