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Imrun`s Famous Eight Gaia - Jenny
Gaia = godess pesonifying the Earth

Born: 14th July 2007
Breeder: Ingunn og Irmelin Axelsen,
Kennel Imrun
Owner: Camilla Stridsberg, Kennel Laroussu`s
Jenny`s pedigree and offspring


3dflags_swe0001-0007a[1].gif Swedish Champion 10.07. 2010


934769_654915377857164_672101141_n.jpg  163034_1492224904973_1214525138_31099474_3081466_n.jpg

     May 2012

Jenny and her owner Emma has competed in Agility and they won first prize

558699_3232171842559_1214525138_51641516_799880089_n.jpg 576247_3232569932511_1214525138_51641780_2057145490_n.jpg

    Jenny from the show were she became a Swedish Champion 10th July 2010

                                                                                              Imrun`s Famous Eight Gaia BOB
                               Jenny                                                      Konishiki Blackberry Way BOS
Jenny[1].jpg Jenny2[1].jpg

     Some new pictures of Jenny.

Picture one is Jenny and Emma, they have just won juniorhandling at the show in Höganäs, Sweden 12th September 2009.
Picture two is Emma and Jenny

Emma_Jenny_Jun.hand1_12sep09.jpg  Emma_Jenny_13sep09.jpg

                                 Jenny is here 2 years old


   Jenny from show in Boraas 28-29 June 2008

Jenny got her first certificate at this show. Both days Jenny got CQ, 2BF, Certificate and became BOB-junior

Picture one: me on the table
Picture two: me and mum Camilla in the ring
Picture three: my cup and ribbon

 b104.jpg Jenny.jpg Jennys priser.jpg

    The first show in February 2008

24th February Jenny was on her first show, she got 1-1, HP and became BOB-puppy

Picture one: mum has groomed me before the show day
Picture two: Pretty little miss this
Picture three & four: me with my ribbons

 Jenny5.jpg Jenny BIRValp2.jpg

 Jenny BIRValp.jpg Jenny BIRValp3.jpg

November 2007, me and my family has spent a day on the beach. What a day, the whole day I could dig in the sand and run around together with my friends.

First picture: me
Second picture: me and Emma

 Jennypåstranda.jpg  Jenny Emmapåstranda.jpg

 13 weeks old I am here

 Jenny_okt_07_1.jpg  Jenny_okt_07_2.jpg

   7th September 2007 and I move to Sweden

My mum drives me to Grete were I spent some hours with mum and my big sister Margareth before mum says bye to me and I go with Grete and her dogs to Sweden.
After several hours in the car (I was so tired so I almost slept the whole way) I was finally home in Tecomatorp, Sweden and meet Emma.

First picture: me and Emma is walking
Second picture: me on the table
Third picture: me in Emmas lap

 Jennyokt2007.jpg Jennyokt2007-2.jpg Emma_Jenny2007-09-07.jpg

    Puppy pictures of Jenny before she moves

Jenny in her last day with us, alone and together with her siblings - 8 weeks old

 8uker-Jenny1.gif  8uker-Jenny3.gif

Jenny 6 weeks old and Camilla is visiting us

 6uker-Jenny-1.jpg  6uker-Jenny-3.jpg